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Johnson’s Baby ditches 90% virgin plastic with recyclable refill cartons

Curbside recyclable packs are better value on price per millilitre, compared with the original bottle range

LVMH Beauty switches to carbon-negative packaging for luxury brands

Origins Materials’ goods are made from wood residue, which carbon capture, dramatically reducing the group’s carbon footprint for its beauty family

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How will the UN pact to eliminate plastic pollution affect your brand?

A planned international treaty on reducing plastics usage will help the personal care product sector plot sustainability policies, writes Kathryn W...

Exclusive: Clinique drops first NFC-enabled beauty pack for limited edition moisturiser

With consumers’ computer-literacy improved due to the pandemic, Clinique is leading the digital overhaul by bringing more in-store experiences online

Tubex acquires Hungarian packaging firm Matrametal

The purchased company specialises in manufacturing aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium tubes

Label design tips: Stand out online and optimise on-pack real estate

OPM Group’s Susan Ellison shares the ways in which labelling can be adapted to meet consumer trends and brand needs

Beauty brands are collaborating with the competition to help save the planet

From the EcoBeautyScore Consortium to the B Corp Beauty Coalition, rivals across the beauty industry are collaborating to fight for a sustainable f...

Packaging the ‘unrecyclable’: The new obsession among beauty brands

Packaging expert Eastman is making headlines for developments in its chemical recycling technology – and beauty wants to take part. On the back of...

Unilever sounds call for start-ups and spinouts to partner with beauty brands

Developers working on biodegradable, sustainable ingredients and packaging have been asked to submit their work to leaders of the beauty giant

Is plastic neutral the next big eco claim?

You’ve heard of carbon neutral, but how about plastic neutral? With more beauty brands claiming to be plastic neutral, Cosmetics Business finds out...

Cosmetics Business reveals 5 ways that personalisation is changing the beauty industry

As consumers acknowledge that one size doesn't fit all, personalisation is having a transformative effect in beauty, from product to customer reten...

Spray away: Demand for aluminium aerosol cans dips

Hair spray and sun care segments dropped in 2021 compared with the prior year, says AEROBAL

Beauty brands reveal how they're hitting their circularity goals

We discover major beauty players’ sustainability targets for packaging and the leaps forward in technology and design that are enabling these to be...

Beauty owner Kao launches takeback scheme for plastic beauty packs

Rolling out until the summer, Kao will collect plastic bottles from Aeon retail outlets that sell its Twany skin care line

Putting on the spritz: How to find the right pump for your scent

Scent’s unsung heroes, fragrance pumps, are essential to delivering the perfume experience customers crave