Rihanna’s Fenty Skin beauty range has dropped

The debut skin care line from the Barbadian singer features a trio of multitasking products and sports eco-friendly packaging

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Facial cleansing device brand Foreo targets ‘disappointed’ Clarisonic consumers

The Swedish facial cleansing device brand plans to tap into the demands of consumers, after L’Oréal announced the ...

Henkel to acquire majority stake in Hello Body, Banana Beauty and Mermaid+Me owner Invincible

The deal with Invincible Brands Holdings includes a 75% stake in the Berlin-headquartered company

Codex Beauty secures new patents for natural preservatives and soothing

The luxury skin care brand will licence its preservative for skin, hair and nails

How the beauty industry is failing to understand the emotions behind skin-whitening

The skin-lightening business is transforming, but brands must do more than focus on semantics

Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Chinese retail deal is ‘key’ for the brand’s growth, says CEO

The beauty brand of the former Spice Girl band member is expected to tailor its beauty offering to meet the needs of ...

Rihanna's Fenty Skin products are already being resold for $550

The LVMH-owned beauty brand officially went on sale on Friday 31 July and is already being auctioned for 600% more than ...

Myths & misinformation: Meet the 'beauty science' influencers coming for the skin care industry

With hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube, the leaders of a new social movement helping ...

Nearly 50% of British women are not prepared for menopause before 'the change'

The report by Avon has found that women are uncertain about signs and symptoms of the menopause and perimenopause

Formula Botanica reports surge in students as more consumers want to be natural beauty entrepreneurs

The online organic formulation school is based in the UK and has students from 164 countries

Ocean-friendly exfoliators: All the benefits of microbeads with none of the negatives

Following the phase-out of exfoliating plastic microbeads from cosmetic and toiletry products, what are the greenest ...

'Tabloid scrutiny is challenging': Victoria Beckham Beauty CEO on working with one of the world's most famous women

Sarah Creal has created luxury make-up brands for some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty, but the former ...

Dream skin: The cosmetic ingredients designed to sync with your sleep cycle

A wave of new cosmetic ingredients are claiming to boost the overnight repair of skin and reduce the damage poor sleep ...

Consumers warned over danger of flammable skin moisturisers

The UK government is urging consumers to be cautious when using emollient moisturisers for conditions such as eczema ...

Beauty brand Creightons launches ‘first to market’ sanitising hand moisturiser

The hand cream is said to kill 99.9% of bacteria and nourish skin

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