BEAUTYLAB was originally developed for professional celebrity facialists in 2001. Its founder is Roger Aoun, Skin Technologist and Creative Director of a London-based laboratory that is renowned for identifying and researching some of the world’s most ground-breaking beauty product ingredients. The multi award-winning skincare brand now offers a collection of over 100 products that are sold and used by premium retail stores and selected salons and spas around the world

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Employing cutting-edge skincare science, integrated with smart technology, BEAUTYLAB’s formulations combine the latest in stem cell science, anti-ageing peptides and rare gemstones; alongside plant and marine actives, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Every ingredient justifies its place, ensuring exceptional results for all customers, all age groups and all skin concerns around the world.

BEAUTYLAB’s highly innovative and successful approach to skincare continues to attract the attention of media worldwide. Recommended by the beauty press and top-tier influencers alike, the brand continues to receive outstanding reviews and testimonies across respected consumer, beauty and lifestyle platforms such as Bazaar, Vogue, Grazia and many more.

BEAUTYLAB is fully supported by an integrated, ongoing PR and social media campaign, while the award-winning products are celebrity go-to favourites and frequently used on HDTV shows, on the couture catwalk and at red carpet events.

Key ranges

Youth Elixir

Renewing and anti-ageing, this best-in-class range combines the latest in stem cell science with hero peptides, plants and minerals, to target skin’s stem cell proliferation, health and longevity.

Whilst supporting vital cell function, it also offers exceptional hydration, nourishment and protection for a more resilient, alluring and younger looking complexion.


Firming and smoothing, this advanced anti-ageing range is specifically formulated with exclusive peptides and highly active plant derived extracts, and is designed for aged and prematurely aged skin where daily skin regimes are no longer effective.

Offering an alternative to invasive treatments, it reveals skin that is soft, dewy and more youthful looking.

Specialist Skincare

Resurfacing and brightening, this dedicated range targets specific skin conditions such as blemishes, pigmentation, age spots and sun damage, for a fresher, calmer, more even and healthy-looking complexion.

Essential Skincare

Hydrating and protecting, this age-preventative range is rich in plant collagen and Hawaiian sea algae, providing deep moisturisation and protection from free-radicals and UV damage. Perfect for all skin types, the products complement and combine beautifully with all other BEAUTYLAB ranges.

Essential Bodycare

Firming and sculpting, this anti-ageing range combines exotic extracts with plant and marine actives, to create a luxury treatment that re-shapes, while promoting a softer, smoother silhouette and healthy looking skin.

Peptide Tanning

Radiating and firming, this specialist range of skincare and professional tan treatments incorporates a revolutionary peptide that is capable of stimulating a higher concentration of melanin in the skin, resulting in a deep, natural and streak-free tan.

Sun Protection

Anti-ageing and hydrating, this innovative range of suncare products, created with cutting-edge technology, provides full spectrum UVA, UVB, DNA and cell protection. With deeply skin moisturising, cooling and reparative benefits, the products deliver the ultimate skin tanning experience.

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