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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is the business unit of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) which develops, manufactures and markets innovative ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry

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At Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, we believe it is first and foremost about using the right ingredients in the smartest possible way. For this reason, we design formulas where the concepts of biomimetism, functional performance, the precision of delivery, and sensory experience, are intertwined to produce the greatest consumer benefits. Our formulas are an invitation to engage in natural, sustainable, and create relationships where our expertise merges with our passion for nurturing a unique and successful sense of innovation.

Whether addressing aging processes, skin protection, complexion enhancement or perfection of body silhouette, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics R&D and application platforms provide biologists and cosmetic chemists with a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. With special attention paid to maintaining the skin's natural homeostasis, we focus our developments on modes of action capable of enhancing the skin's natural strengths and beauty. To help you make the most of our ingredients, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics now has five formulation laboratories around the globe where we provide effective technical formulation assistance. We also offer global formulation training seminars where you can learn some of our best formulation secrets!

Our latest innovations


Combining attractive storytelling and clinically proven skin and hair efficacy, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics designed Actimilk™ collection, a new generation of plant-based milks. From skin hydration to hair manageability, Actimilk™ offers a wide range of clinically proven performances in different applications. It’s active phospholipid-based emulsion technology can nourish and moisturize skin for smoother and more comfortable skin and scalp while providing softness to hair and improving hair combing and hair frizz for a better hair aspect.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Regenight™ answers the latest beauty sleep trends. Providing a holistic approach Regenight™ works in a complementary manner through topical action and inhalation to enhance nighttime benefits and skin regeneration and leave you with healthier-looking skin and a revitalized appearance in the morning.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Aligned with the immunocosmetics and beauty sleep trends, Immunight™ acts on two complementary pathways - topical action and inhalation - to improve nighttime skin recovery for an optimized skin defense system. Skin is thus ready to fight tomorrow’s aggressions!


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Through cyberspaces flinging you into the SCI_FEEL matterverse (the metaverse ruled by texture), the consumer evolves with the aim to complete a quest: create, using science and nature, the perfect cosmetic product answering their needs:

  • Liquid_Charm: gliding, fluid pearly essence
  • Jelly_Juice: natural gel-cream with a watery touch
  • Cream_Shock: cryo-melting gel cream
  • Extra_Cake: iridescent, bouncy and unctuous highlighter


We design formulas where biomimetism, functional performance, precision of delivery and sensory experience intertwine to produce the greatest consumer benefits.


We embrace our responsibility as stewards of tomorrow by striving to be pioneers advancing what is possible today. We have established sustainability as a core enabler of our Vision 2021, embedding sustainability principles into our company and culture. A new sustainability vision and strategy: to lead positive transformational changes toward a regenerative, healthy, and abundant world.

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Lucas Meyer CosmeticsLucas Meyer CosmeticsLucas Meyer CosmeticsLucas Meyer Cosmetics

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