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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is the business unit of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) which develops, manufactures and markets innovative ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry

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At Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, we believe it is first and foremost about using the right ingredients in the smartest possible way. For this reason, we design formulas where the concepts of biomimetism, functional performance, precision of delivery and sensory experience, intertwined to produce the greatest consumer benefits.

Our formulas are an invitation to engage natural, sustainable and creative relationships where our expertise merged with our passion to nurture a unique and successful sense of innovation.

Whether addressing aging processes, skin protection, complexion enhancement or perfection of body silhouette, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics R&D and application platforms provide biologists and cosmetic chemists with comprehensive ranges of innovative solutions.

With a special attention paid to maintaining the skin natural homeostasis, we focus our developments on mode of actions capable of enhancing the skin own natural strengths and beauty.

To help you make the most of our ingredients, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has now 3 formulation laboratories around the globe where we provide effective technical formulation assistance. We also offer global formulation training seminars where you can learn some of our best formulation secrets!

Inspiring Ingredients

New products:

Borealine Aurora: Sustainable boreal bark extract to illuminate your true self

Upcycled White pine bark extract from the Canadian boreal forest standardised in taxifolin.

Inspired by the white pine search for light and the aurora borealis that illuminates the boreal sky, Borealine Aurora protects and acts on three different parameters of skin complexion to give clear and even skin for an optimal and luminous look. Tested on face and hands with results in only 14 days.

IBR-Chill: Meditation in a bottle to fight Anxi-Aging

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

IBR-Chill is a pink rock-rose extract organically grown in the Mediterranean desert, developed to capture the desert chill vibe. IBR-Chill blocks the stress receptor CRH-R1 and biomimics the effects of meditation by preventing NF-kB activation and related proinflammatory cytokine production to deliver a novel cosmetic strategy to fight skin Anxi-Aging, making it the perfect active ingredient to improve the appearance of skin affected by stress and anxiety for healthy and youthful-looking skin.

Dendriclear: Rebalance the acnebiome for healthy, blemish-free skin

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

What if the rules of fighting acne have changed?

Decreasing the C. acnes quantity is no longer key to clearing acne… but rebalancing its distribution between acneic and non-acneic strains is! Dendriclear is a unique patented lysine dendrimer obtained by green chemistry, developed to selectively weakens acneic C. acnes strains and their biofilm to recover a healthier microbiota and reduce the appearance of acne lesions for clear and flawless skin.

Heliosoft: Bring a touch of tenderness to your formulas with Heliosoft, our new lamellar emulsifier

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Heliosoft is a natural O/W emulsifier, composed of sunflower phospholipids and fatty amphiphiles from rapeseed. It can emulsify up to 40% oil and allows the formulation of fluid to thick textures.

Its biomimetic structure confers to formulas perfect affinity to the skin, while leaving a velvet protective film after application. It also keeps the skin hydrated, repairs damaged skin and can enhance bioavailability of active ingredients. Heliosoft is the ideal partner for sensitive skin products.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Skin hydration is of upmost importance to maintain a healthy skin. When skin gets dry, it becomes less resilient, looks dull, tends to lose its smoothness, suppleness and leads to the appearance of ageing signs.

Hydrosella is a new generation of natural hydration active ingredient. Stimulating the production of organic osmolytes and their specific transporter, it accelerates keratinocytes water recovery.

Simultaneously, it restores skin barrier function by increasing lipid production and tight junction proteins. Clinically proven on active people, Hydrosella improves skin hydration by up to 56% and reduces water loss by up to -17%.

Hydrosella is naturally extracted from a unique variety of Australian Hibiscus called Wild rosella, selected for its high natural betaine content.

Organically grown in a subtropical rainforest environment and China compliant, this multi-target active ingredient acts on the root cause of skin dryness providing a rapid and continuous improvement of skin hydration and reducing skin water loss up to 72 hours after application.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

As a proof of efficacy, more and more cosmetic products claim a rapid action to satisfy consumers in quest of immediate visible results. Inst’Tight is a flash beauty perfector composed of concentrated specific honey locust seed polysaccharides, providing high mechanical skin tightening properties.

This highly pure galactomannan fraction has been extracted with an innovative and sustainable water-based process compliant with the 6 principles of the Eco-Extraction chart, designed to follow our sustainable eco-responsible new product development strategy.

By forming a biopolymeric network at the surface of the skin, Inst’Tight instantly and visibly minimizes the appearance of wrinkles from 3 minutes after application, with a long-lasting action up to 8 hours.

Inst’Tight can be used as a standard anti-aging ingredient, as well as a real-life Instagram filter. It is China compliant, Cosmos and vegan compliant.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

IFF/Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is proposing an unconventional age-defying approach by preserving skin’s youth capital. Skin cells are capable of a finite number of cell divisions, after which they enter an irreversible growth arrest called cellular senescence.

Senescence is controlled by the shortening of chromosome terminal sequences, the telomers (internal ageing clock). Critically shortened telomers activate the DNA damage response pathway, mTOR complex 1 (mTORC1), leading to senescence and dysfunction.

Narcissus tazetta (Galilee bulb), is an ornamental bulbous plant. The bulb allows the plant to cycle between growth and dormancy. When dormant, it produces DORMINs, growth inhibitors, that reversibly slow down cell proliferation.

IBR-Dormin captures and transfers the plant dormancy concept to skin cells preserving their youthful healthy function. IBR-Dormin slows down skin fibroblast cell proliferation, preserves telomers and delays entry into cellular senescence, thereby preserving the youth capital of the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving elasticity.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Inspired by our desire to give meaning to innovation, Color’Ethics is a makeup collection allowing the expression of our inner and outer selves: the perfect match between a desire to reconnect with the creative freedom from the 90’s and the respect of today’s ethical values.

Building upon success of the Golden Age trend, our 5 innovative formulae establish themselves as daily allies. They embrace a green, clean and empowering beauty heritage as designed without controversial ingredients yet with sensory uniqueness, active properties, optimum color intensity and natural origin content.

Drew Tinted Hydraflow: Light tinted fluid with a second-skin effect for optimum comfort, radiance and protection!

Halle Midnight Mascara: Lengthening mascara for a spectacular voluptuous look that lasts!

Angelina Cashmere Lipstick: Gorgeous ruby matte lipstick with a long-lasting cashmere feel and that smooths lip lines!

Vanessa Blossom Blush: Soft and comfy powdery cream blush giving a delicate pinky shade and bright cheeks!

Naomi Frosty Highlighter: Bouncy jelly highlighter with a fresh and creamy feel, activating glow for dewy face and body!

Now is the time to put on make-up while respecting your values!



Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Skin aging is characterized by important changes of the dermis. Most of these alterations have their roots within the ECM. SKINectura is an innovative natural and organic active ingredient with unique properties.

It increases the production of Tenascin-X, a newly identified architectural protein. Simultaneously, SKINectura increases both collagen, elastin synthesis and the contractile forces of the fibroblasts.

Extracted from a beautiful red flower, SKINectura has a multi-target mechanism, offering a 360° approach by reducing the appearances of wrinkles in eye and neck areas. It improves skin firmness, reduces sagging skin and neck roughness with fast improvement within an hour and a building effect over time.

Natural and certified organic, SKINectura truly offers unprecedented action to rebuild the skin’s structural properties and restore the appearance of younger skin. It is China-complaint.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Women below 45 years old are more concerned by visible signs of fatigue than signs of aging. Daily exposed to an intense and fast paced lifestyle as well as a fierce environment (pollution, chemicals), skin cells are progressively showing signs of exhaustion leading to a tired looking skin, under eye bags, dark circles, dull complexion, dehydration and an overall lack of glow.

As a result of the complementary expertises of IFF-LMR and Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, the Damask rose whole olfactive compounds (from both essential oil and floral water) have been concentrated in a unique and synergistic extract to reveal its powerful de-stress and anti-fatigue action on skin.

Rosality regulates cell metabolism perturbed by several stresses to protect modern women’s skin against stress to recover vitality and activate glow for a more rested and rested look. Protecting skin against the impact of the Stressosphere (stressful elements of exposome) is a new strategy to protect skin beauty! It is China-compliant.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

IBR-UrBioTect is a natural anti-pollution active ingredient which strengthens the skin barrier function for optimal protection from urban pollution and blue light damage.

Extracted from the beautiful flower Inula Helenium, the ingredients modulates genes involved in the skin barrier function, inflammatory responses as well as ECM degradation. It provides a complete solution helping to relieve and repair the effects of pollution (air pollution and blue light) on the leaving it hydrated, more luminous and limiting the appearance of the appearance of premature aging like wrinkles and elasticity.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Body aging leads to physiological modifications such as loss of skin substance and firmness but also to lipo-aging, causing the expansion of fatty mass and the modification of its repartition.

Morpholyss is a unique longan seed extract active ingredient offering a new target for adipose tissue control by inhibiting PAI-1 expression, adipokine acting as a global regulator of adipose tissue growth that increases with age.

With no need of massage step, Morpholyss provides fast and powerful clinical results on the reduction in thigh and waistline circumference and fatty layer thickness. With its chrono lipo-morphing action, Morpholyss helps recover a harmonious shape in a healthy body while aging.


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Lysofix is a unique pure lysophospholipid O/W emulsifier extracted from a non-GMO soybean source. Easy-to-use and cold processable, it enables the formulation of fluid lotions to creams with a silky and non-greasy skin feel.

Highly flexible, Lysofix is a very powerful emulsifier able which can be used either in cold or hot process, and is compatible with all kinds of oils, chemical and physical UV filters and pigments. Due to the wetting properties of phospholipids, Lysofix improves the pigments dispersion, enabling the optimization of make-up and sunscreen formulas.

Lysofix is not only a performant emulsifier, but has also strong active properties: it keeps the skin moisturized, while acting as a delivery system, by enhancing bioavailability and penetration of active ingredients for improved efficacy. Lysofix also boosts elastin and collagen to fight premature aging for a healthier and more youthful look!

MelinOIL: Unique Liposoluble Ingredient

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

MelinOIL is a liposoluble form of an α-MSH biomimetic peptide designed to stimulate the natural skin sun defence system in order to better protect cell from UV damage and premature ageing.

Especially designed to be introduced in oily products, MelinOIL is the perfect ingredient to complete efficacy of sun filters and protect skin from photo-ageing from within. MelinOIL delays the appearance of sun-induced redness, attesting its anti-inflammatory and soothing action on sun-ravaged skin. It is China Compliant ingredients.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Siligel: The foolproof gelling agent with amazing silicone-like skin feel

Patented optimised combination of phospholipids and polysaccharides, Siligel is a natural gelling agent that leaves an amazing silicone-like skin feel. Siligel is easy to use (cold process, no pre-dispersion) and has an exceptional electrolyte tolerance (up to 20% NaCl), making it the ideal partner for formulations containing stressful ingredients.

The versatility of Siligel leads to several applications either as a gelling agent, stabiliser, co-emulsifier, suspending agent, skin feel enhancer as a substitute of silicones and it even has moisturising properties. Its natural origin with a sustainable green manufacturing process answers today’s demand for eco-friendly ingredients.

Siligel won the Bronze Award of the Innovation Zone Best Functional Ingredient at in-cosmetics Global 2017!

New Concept:


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Along our sustainability journey and driven by our desire to constantly innovate we, at Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, have developed several formulas using our best natural functional and active ingredients.

Biocompatible, sustainable and with low impact on environment, all our Naturama formulas are made with a limited number of ingredients without any compromise on sensoriality. Our innovative formulas will delight customers by delivering the results they seek with the naturalness they want!

  • Natural Ageless Cream
  • Natural Age-Defying Body Lotion
  • Natural Tinted Suncare SPF30
  • Natural Purifying Pink Clay Mask
  • Natural Healthy Low Poo.

Protecting the planet has never felt so good!

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Sun Defence Concept: Every moment deserves adequate protection!

Sun Defence Concept protects skin against UVB, UVA and IR with formulas adapted to each moment: daily life, outdoor activities and beach time. Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has developed 3 sun care with a global protection, combining sunscreens and complementary biological sun protection with Elix-IR.

Using phospholipid-based functional ingredients, these 3 ultra-sensorial formulas have been designed with no alcohol and no additional skin feel enhancer.

  • The Sun City DD Cream SPF 10 acts as a shield against external assaults while beautifying skin aspect.
  • The Sun Sport Gel-Cream SPF 10 is light and refreshing in order to fully enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Finally, the Sun Beach Light Cream SPF 50+ provides an optimal sun protection while having an exquisite dry touch.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

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