BASF introduces new online tool to calculate 1,4-Dioxane content

Last year, new laws banned personal care products from containing more than 2ppm of the compound

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California’s Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act gets Assembly approval

The bill aims to ban 12 ingredients from being used in cosmetic products

Consumer empathy: The secret to successful skin care

From the skip-care trend to connected beauty, skin care is more linked to health and wellbeing than ever before, as ...

Coronavirus: Cornelius rallies innovation of ‘clean and simple’ products to support beauty sector

To help companies survive the pandemic, the chemicals firm is calling for personal care businesses to champion simple ...

From upcycling to Palo santo: What are the latest essential oil trends?

Sustainable sourcing is a major driver for essential oils, but so too is creativity and innovation. Emma Edwards ...

Deinove appoints new CEO to lead global ambitions

Cambridge-graduate Alexis Rideau is the former Strategic Partnership Manager at technology research firm Bioaster

Natrue approves new UK certifier for natural and organic beauty

OF&G has been approved to join Natrue’s global network of approved certifiers, helping to meet the UK market’s ...

How coronavirus has revolutionised beauty's entire hand care category

From luxury hand wash to plastic-free soaps and hand cream, products designed for hands aren't going to be the same ...

Scientists find new hair dye techniques using synthetic melanin

The team describe the findings as a mild alternative to traditional products

Could a DuPont sweetener be the next skin microbiome regulator?

New study shows the company’s XIVIA Xylitol has a positive effect on skin microbial growth

New peptide erases expression lines

With Lipotec introducing a new peptide to its Argireline range, Alicia Giménez, Olga Laporta, Elena Cañadas, Núria ...

'If the British government were execs, they'd be sacked': The beauty industry reflects on Brexit

As Britain leaves the EU on 31 January, beauty experts and brand owners reflect on the biggest political upheaval the ...

How to formulate natural sunscreens

Blanca Motos-Pérez and Rocío Pérez present natural formulations based on non-nanometric mineral UV filters

Society of Cosmetic Scientists creates lockdown DIY beauty video with Sam Farmer

The 3min video shows the founder of the Sam Farmer personal care brand creating a bath bomb from scratch at home

How to keep your sunscreen effective

Hallstar's Fiona Feng, Eileen Zhang and Gary Neudahl discuss ‘real time’ avobenzone photodegradation