Codex Beauty secures new patents for natural preservatives and soothing

The luxury skin care brand will licence its preservative for skin, hair and nails

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Codex Beauty patents edible personal care preservation system

Naturally-derived composition is said to be ideal for baby care goods, which can accidentally be ingested

‘Rancid’ avocado oil findings a concern for the cosmetics industry

A new study found more than 80% of avocado oil supplied in the US was “mislabelled, rancid or adulterated”

Microplastics discovered in guts of sharks off UK coast

Out of 46 sharks examined, 67% of the animals were found to contain microplastics and other human-made fibres

Ocean-friendly exfoliators: All the benefits of microbeads with none of the negatives

Following the phase-out of exfoliating plastic microbeads from cosmetic and toiletry products, what are the greenest ...

Microalgae could be the future of ‘safer’ sunscreens

A new research project in the UK has been given financial backing to explore how to commercialise sunscreens containing ...

Research confirms S. epidermidis has a pathogenic role in compromised skin

University of San Diego and cosmetic ingredients supplier Silab unveil results of research into compromised skin ...

'Tabloid scrutiny is challenging': Victoria Beckham Beauty CEO on working with one of the world's most famous women

Sarah Creal has created luxury make-up brands for some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty, but the former ...

Product Innovation Guide out now

The product innovation guide was printed and distributed alongside the July/August issue of SPC Magazine

Kao proves highly occlusive formula effective as lip balm

The new development, consisting of common oil and wax, was found to improve lip smoothness

Dream skin: The cosmetic ingredients designed to sync with your sleep cycle

A wave of new cosmetic ingredients are claiming to boost the overnight repair of skin and reduce the damage poor sleep ...

How coronavirus has revolutionised beauty's entire hand care category

From luxury hand wash to plastic-free soaps and hand cream, products designed for hands aren't going to be the same ...

Well-ageing: Why is the skin matrisome important?

Amandine Werle, Julie Droux and Alexandre Lapeyre discuss a sustainable active ingredient derived from white mulberry ...

Europe's microplastics phase-out: SEAC draft opinion on restrictions open for consultation

EU restriction could prevent the release of 500,000 tonnes of microplastics over the next 20 years

Reed Exhibitions cancels 2020 in-cosmetics Global, Latin America and North America trade shows

But the events’ organiser has no plans to postpone in-cosmetics Asia, which will run, as scheduled, in November

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