Making antimicrobials work harder: The best preservation boosters on the market

With Annex V materials increasingly being replaced by multifunctionals, sometimes a bit of a boost is needed

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Introducing the headline sponsors of Cosmetics Business Live

The week-long event will take place on 10-14 May 2021 in partnership with eBay

Is China about to ban CBD in beauty products?

Authorities are contemplating a ban on cannabis-related ingredients for use in cosmetics

Cut it out: Reducing the risk of deforestation in beauty’s supply chain

With more than 400 million hectares of the world’s forests lost due to deforestation, Cosmetics Business finds out ...

Acid reign: Who's supplying the AHAs and BHAs for your exfoliators?

Exfoliating acids are more popular than ever. But what types work best for specific needs and how are ingredients ...

Clariant forms JV with India Glycols to tap the renewables megatrend

The company will supply green ethylene oxide derivatives to the Indian and surrounding markets

France’s Sozio merges with Phoenix Fragrances to reinforce UK presence

Phoenix Fragrances will retain its own brand identity but receive investment towards its laboratories and production ...

Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 latest skin care trends in new report

Skin care held firm, for the most part, in 2020, as brands demonstrated resilience and adaptability. This report ...

Beyond beauty: The rebirth of cosmetic hero ingredients

Cica, bakuchiol and ginseng were touted as ‘the’ cosmetic ingredients of 2020 – but, in truth, these ingredients ...

Garnier granted milestone approval under the Leaping Bunny programme

L’Oréal-owned beauty brand met criteria for the Cruelty Free International initiative and can now carry the Leaping ...

Polishing that portfolio: What do ingredient company M&As mean for beauty makers?

With a flurry of new acquisition and divestment announcements making headlines, we discover who in the cosmetic ...

Revealed: The full agenda for Cosmetics Business Live

The week-long event will provide a 360° view of the current state of the cosmetics and personal care industry

What is photoageing and what can we do to prevent it?

Even with a move towards ‘pro-ageing’ the health risks surrounding photoageing mean it is still very much something ...

L’Occitane exceeds 2025 biodiversity objective four years early

The goal – to protect and promote 1,000 types of plant by 2025 – has already been achieved, says the Group

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