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Published: 8-Apr-2024

At Innospec, we understand that everybody is different. We have segmented our latest formulation collection into five key generations that influence the beauty world today

Baby Boomers

Defy expectations with formulations that are designed to retain, preserve and protect skin and hair. These formulations include:

  • Purely Perfect Facial Cleanser
  • Mini-Miracle Marine Cream

Generation X

Find new routines that showcase three new formulations that meet the latest hair and skin cycling trends for when you need a fresh approach to your beauty regime. These formulations include:

  • Scalp Sensations Pre-Wash
  • Top to Toe 5-in-1 Body Paste
  • Powder-to-Clay Papaya Mask

Generation Y

Low impact formulations for when you’re on the move or short on time! These formulations include:

  • Pearly There Hair and Body Cleanser
  • Own Goals Personalised Shampoo

Generation Z

They are the environment’s advocates. They remind us the importance of sustainability and reducing our footprint so that we can leave a healthy planet to our future generations. These formulations include:

  • Shampoo-in-a-Sheet
  • Super Sustainable Shampoo Concentrate
  • Wobbly Wash Shower Jelly

Generation A

They reminds us that kindness is strength by giving you the power of gentle cleansing.These formulations include:

  • Flower Power Baby Cleanser
  • Aloe and Oat Fur Baby Shampoo Bar

Learn more here and contact us at personalcare@innospecinc.com. We will be happy to help you find out the formulations unique to your needs!

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