Why comedy is taking over male grooming ads in 2024

By Jo Allen | Published: 23-Apr-2024

Gloriously silly advertising is back. Cosmetics Business finds out why brands are putting the humour back into male grooming campaigns

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From a band of men using their facial hair as musical instruments to a love story between men and their below-the-belt ‘boys’ – depicted as an identical pair of mini-mes – male grooming ads have taken a funny turn.

These recent adverts from Every Man Jack (‘Them Beardles’ ) and Manscaped (‘The Boys’), are among a growing scene of comedy-based campaigns that are livening up the category’s marketing, as brands see the wisdom in using humour to attract male customers.

Bulldog’s global ‘Razor Discovery’ campaign in 2023 for its Original Bamboo Razor cut through male marketing clichés with a humorous telepathic bulldog head.

Bulldog released a fun ad campaign featuring a telepathic dog head

Bulldog released a fun ad campaign featuring a telepathic dog head

And Veet Men offered a cute representation of men’s private parts with a pair of flying balls that were happy to be hair-free, thanks to the brand’s Intimate Hair Removal Kit.

Of course, comedy has often been used in the past by male grooming brands with memorable adverts such as 2010’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ from Old Spice which reinvigorated sales for the P&G brand.

Another example is Dollar Shave Club’s ‘Our Blades are F***ing Great’ commercial from 2012, which crashed the brand’s website from viral traffic in the first 48 hours of release.

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