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Ulta Beauty joins The Sustainability Consortium

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 1-Mar-2023

Ulta Beauty joins more than 100 TSC members working together on sustainability projects

Ulta Beauty has joined non-profit The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) as its newest member.

The American beauty retailer said it will work to support TSC’s climate goals and engage other members in sustainability conversations.

“Ulta Beauty’s enthusiasm for deeper conversations on sustainability impact is a welcome addition to TSC’s endeavours, and I look forward to learning about their experience and unique perspective within our working groups and projects,” said Christy Slay, CEO of TSC. 

The company’s CSR efforts include diverting 14.8 tonnes of waste from landfills.

In 2021, the retailer invested US$1.6m in energy management system retrofits and claimed to work towards greater sustainable packaging across its full product range.

“[Joining the TSC] aligns to our ambition to create greater clarity across the industry relative to clean ingredients and sustainable packaging,” added Kristin Wolf, senior VP, Enterprise Strategy and Transformation at Ulta Beauty.

Ulta Beauty joins more than 100 TSC members, including Henkel, Kao and Walgreens Boots Allaince, working together on projects spanning plastic packaging to circularity.

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