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Live True teams up with FoodCycle to tackle food poverty

A new donation scheme will help provide meals to people living with food poverty and those who are lonely in the community

Unlock the secret to sustainable beauty

In the year 2023, it is essential to prioritise best practices in sustainable beauty

Sustainable Beauty Coalition names new co-chairs for 2023

Jayn Sterland, founding Chairperson of the SBC, has also been promoted to the role of British Beauty Council’s Pillar President for Environmental,...

Why technology could be the key to stopping greenwashing in beauty

Pinterest's beauty boss Tom Spratt explores how technology can help to stop greenwashing in the beauty industry and hold companies accountable for...

Top 50 beauty brands 2023: Which is the world’s biggest brand?

L’Oréal has retained its status as the world’s most valuable beauty brand on Brand Finance’s league table, but did its value rise or dive in 2023?

Top 50 beauty brands 2023: Which brands are the best loved?

Why are the most valuable brands not necessarily the strongest? And, with that in mind, which beauty player reigns supreme in strength? Brand Finan...

Beauty product waste is a huge problem – so why is no one talking about it?

Everyone talks about packaging waste in beauty, but there is another problem that desperately needs our attention – product waste in the form of un...

2023 trends: The dual benefit of localising supply chains

More brands will bring manufacturing back home to both mitigate risk and resonate with conscious consumers

Top 50 beauty brands 2023: Which country’s brands are booming?

Which country’s brands gained in value in 2023 and which brands joined or fell off Brand Finance’s beauty league table this year?

Top 50 beauty brands 2023: How important is sustainability for consumers’ perception of brands?

Which brands are ranking highly in Brand Finance’s table thanks to their sustainability and CSR drives, combined with positive customer perception?

Why is the beauty industry still not talking about its palm oil use?

Cosmetics Business looks at the latest developments in the palm oil industry and why an open dialogue about its use is more important than ever

Refillable make-up: how can brands boost the customer experience?

The vogue for eco-friendly refillables is also informing new product development in make-up, but experts warn consumer compliance is key

Who’s benefitting from L’Oréal’s Fund for Nature Regeneration?

The beauty giant has set its sights on carbon capture, reforestation and mangrove restoration

Meet the Buyer: Greener Beauty on setting a sustainable industry standard

Vic Wood, founder and CEO of Greener Beauty, on the brand’s sixth year of trading, why supporting sustainable beauty brands is key and how beauty c...

Sephora rolls out in-store recycling scheme into over 600 US stores

Consumers will be able to return their beauty empties to be converted into new materials or energy, in partnership with non-profit Pact Collective

Is this beauty’s greenest space? Inside Lush’s new Green Hub

How the ethical brand is taking control of waste and where it sees room for improvement

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Croda answers to quat-free conditioning demand with Incromine BD

Sami-Sabinsa Group commits to clean, renewable energy captive solar energy will power five manufacturing plants

An anti-inflammaging solution to counteract skin redness and signs of ageing

The Natural Beauty Show | part of Eco Living Scandinavia

The B Corp Beauty Coalition launches its B Beauty Navigator to help companies and citizens in sustainability-oriented choices

Caring for People, Caring for the Planet

Cosmetics Business Roundtables: Is traceable the new sustainable for cosmetics?

Inolex unveils The Hall: a new collaborative space in Philadelphia

Redefining luxury home fragrance with a sustainable touch

Cosmoprof Asia | 14 - 17 November 2023 | Hong Kong

LUMENE launches Nordic Hydra Birch Dew Jelly in Eastman Cristal One E Renew

O&3 joins the RSPO community - Joining hands for a sustainable future

GEKA presents first post-consumer-recycled fibre filaments for mascara

Beautyworld Middle East | 30 Oct - 01 Nov 2023 | Dubai

GEKA pioneers in post-consumer-recycled fibres for mascara brushes

Increasing bio ingredients has never been easier

PROTOPIA – step by step creating the sustainable future for cosmetics

Paris Packaging Week (PCD) | 25 - 26 January 2023 | Paris

Siltech's new product introductions at In-cosmetics Global

SOPHIM introduces PhytOlive®Fine, upcycled exfoliant powder

Sulapac Luxe, a new sustainable material for luxury fragrance caps

Cosmetagora | 10 - 11 January 2023 | Paris

IFF showcases bioscience capabilities with AURIST line of functional ingredients

A guide to certified formulation in the development of beauty products

Proactive Quality and Sustainability: Reduced waste through microbial quality management

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