Scent-led formulations: Fragrant foundations

Published: 25-May-2018

The following formulations are a nod to this month’s theme: fragrance. In each proposed product, scent plays a key role

Fragrances – whether fine, or developed for use in other cosmetic and personal care products – can create an emotional, mood-enhancing connection with the consumer.

The following formulations are variously for a fine fragrance, a fragrance for ultimate use in a bathroom products and, finally, for a jasmine themed and fragranced shower gel.

Formulation 1

The following EDT contains Firmenich’s Helvetolide, with pear-like facets and ambrette undertones. In this composition, which is 10% Helvetolide, the material gives harmony to the musky facet and adds creaminess to woody notes.

Scent-led formulations: Fragrant foundations

Formulation 2

This fragrance for use in shower gel contains IFF’s Starfleur 40, a fresh floral green note with facets of muguet and freesia.

Scent-led formulations: Fragrant foundations

Formulation 3

Jasmine – olfactorily and visually – is the cornerstone of this shower gel formulation from Lessonia, which features the supplier’s Piece Of Jasmine decorative petal particles.

Scent-led formulations: Fragrant foundations

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