New cosmetic ingredient "JuniperBright" launched

Published: 17-Apr-2024

ICHIMARU PHARCOS has launched a new cosmetic ingredient, JuniperBright, that prevents/reduces formation of lipofuscin for borderless skin brightening

The market size of skin lightening is more than 10 billion USD. However, the expression “skin whitening” is no longer used because it constitutes racial discrimination. Thus, the beauty trend has shifted from “skin whitening” to “skin brightening”. We defined skin brightening as the state that light is reflected in the epidermis appropriately and skin appears brighter. However, some factors like lipofuscin cause light scattering on the skin and make skin appear dull. Moreover, lipofuscin accumulates in cells with aging because of weakened intracellular cleaning up systems, ubiquitin-proteasome system and autophagy. ICHIMARU PHARCOS searched for a material that activates these systems and found that an extract of Juniperus communis fruit had this effect and launched the natural cosmetic ingredient “JuniperBright”. JuniperBright reduces lipofuscin and improves skin brightness for borderless beauty.

Launch date: April 16th, 2024

Effects of JuniperBright

  • Improvement of skin brightening
  • Reduction of skin age spots
  • Reduction of skin yellowness
  • Reduction of skin pores


  • COSMOS APPROVED certificated
  • IECIC2021 Listed

Exhibition Guide

  • in-cosmetics global 2024
  • ICHIMARU PHARCOS CO., Ltd., Stand 1P30

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