ICHIMARU PHARCOS receives 2nd place in BSB Award for Natural Products / Raw Materials “Active”

Published: 23-Apr-2024

ICHIMARU PHARCOS Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce that JuniperBright, a natural active ingredient for skin brightening, has been honoured with 2nd place in the recently held BSB Innovation Award for Natural Products / Raw Materials “Active”

  • Category 3 Natural Products/ Raw Materials
  • Sub-category VII: actives, d) Luminous + even skin tone, even + firm skin
  • 2.prize JuniperBright, ICHIMARU PHARCOS, JAPAN

ICHIMARU PHARCOS Co., Ltd. shares: "The BSB Innovation Awards are aimed to promote the global dissemination of up-to-date knowledge, and selections of awardees are done in a most objective, fair, and independent process.

JuniperBright (INCI: Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract) is a cosmetic ingredient for skin-brightening products of completely natural origin that focuses on lipofuscin formed in epidermal keratinocytes. Lipofuscin is an aggregate of denatured proteins and lipid peroxides that accumulate through ageing and is one of the major causes of skin dullness. JuniperBright prevents/decreases the accumulation of lipofuscin by a dual mechanism, activation of proteasome and autophagy, respectively. As a result, JuniperBright clears skin dullness through a melanin-independent manner.

With this award, we hope to further expand sales in the global market shifting “skin whitening” to “skin brightening” as a cosmetic ingredient with the potential to realise borderless skin brightening.

We are very grateful for the award and will take this as inspiration to develop even more innovative natural cosmetic ingredients as one of the leading manufacturers in the field."

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