BURGEON-UP(HS) formulation wins Gold Award

Published: 21-Nov-2023

With this award, the company hopes to expand sales in domestic and overseas markets as a functional natural hair care ingredient

In the hair care category of the Spotlight On Formulation Award 2023, ICHIMARU PHARCOS received the Gold Award for its formulation containing the natural cosmetic ingredient BURGEON-UP(HS).

The Spotlight On Formulation Award is presented to formulations consisting of innovative functional ingredients and formulations at in-cosmetics Asia 2023, held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 7th to 9th, 2023. The formulation containing BURGEON-UP(HS), a watercress extract, which was jointly formulated with Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd.

BURGEON-UP(HS) formulation wins Gold Award

What is the active ingredient in the award-winning formulation?

BURGEON-UP(HS) (INCI: Water, Butylene Glycol, Nasturtium Officinale Leaf/Stem Extract) is a hair-growth ingredient that focuses on R-spondin1, a factor involved in organogenesis and tissue regeneration. It has been confirmed that BURGEON-UP(HS) promotes the secretion of R-spondin1 from hair papilla cells (hair regrowth effect) and suppresses the production of DKK1, a hair loss factor that functions in male pattern baldness (hair loss suppression effect), making it a recommended material for thinning hair for women as well as men. In addition, clinical trials have confirmed that BURGEON-UP(HS) improves gray hair, and we are currently receiving a great number of inquiries about it.

The ingredient was added to the formulation with the recommended dosage of 2%. BURGEON-UP(HS) is formulated with a plant-based 1,3-butylene glycol solution derived from sugarcane and is registered under COSMOS APPROVED (as natural). It is also Halal certified, making it an easily acceptable raw material worldwide.

With this award, we hope to further expand sales in domestic and overseas markets as a functional natural hair care ingredient that not only promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss, but also help with gray hair.

BURGEON-UP(HS) formulation wins Gold Award

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