New oral care ingredient MILLTECT launched

Published: 10-May-2023

ICHIMARU PHARCOS has launched a new oral care ingredient, MILLTECT, that protects the tooth from oral biofilm (dental plaque) formation

There are many types of oral problems including caries, periodontitis, bad breath and tooth staining. But the root cause of these problems is only one, oral biofilm. While dental plaque contains acids and inflammatory and malodorous substances, they directly cause the oral problems described above. It is very difficult to remove once-formed biofilm completely even with tooth brushing and antibacterial agents. So important thing is the prevention of early adhesion of oral bacteria to the tooth.

ICHIMARU PHARCOS searched for a material that inhibits bacterial adhesion to tooth and found that an extract of Codium fragile had this effect, and launched the natural oral care ingredient "MILLTECT". MILLTECT also showed a synergistic effect when used with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), well-used oral antibiotics, and strongly inhibited malodour and staining.

Effects of MILLTECT

  • Inhibition of bacterial adhesion
  • Prevention of biofilm formation
  • Reduction of cavity risk
  • Prevention of bad breath
  • Prevention of tooth stain


  • IECIC2021 Listed
  • HALAL certified


Ryota Takeuchi, who developed "MILLTECT" which is our oral care ingredient, was awarded the PCHi 2023 Fountain Award for Best newcomers award, in February 2023.

Our awards at the PCHi Fountain Award are the Active Raw Material Award / Excellent Developer Award at "IZAYOI" in 2017, the Active Raw Material Award / Excellent Developer Award at "CHRONO CHARDY" in 2018, the Excellent Developer Award at "Wamino-BonBon" in 2019, the Outstanding Developer Award at "BURGEON-UP" in 2020, and the Active Raw Material Award at "SpringMint" in 2021. This is the sixth achievement.

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