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We Ichimaru Pharcos a global company that contributes to the “health and beauty” of people all over the world by providing high-quality products through research/development and technology innovation in Japan

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After the establishment in 1959, ICHIMARU PHARCOS has become a global leader in Research and Development of natural active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

Locating in Gifu prefecture, Japan, the company has gained reputation and trust from world leading cosmetic brands including small scale cosmetic manufacturers for efficient support and service.

ICHIMARU PHARCOS provides more than 1,000 ingredients from natural resources to cosmetics and food industries all over the world.



Adeplump is a perfect adipose enhancer for beautiful plumping of the skin, obtained from Arnica Montana flower. It is clinically proven to increase skin smoothness, brightness and elasticity, volume of the face, lips, other body parts, and to decrease skin wrinkle.


Ichimaru Pharcos

HappiClov, a COSMOS Approved natural active ingredient from a very special white clover in Japan, having four leaves. Being a symbol of happiness and contributing to SDGs, HappiClov brings smile to the people around the world.


Ichimaru Pharcos

BabyColla promotes type III collagen production which makes the skin softer and more resilient like a baby's skin. BabyColla is obtained from pink carnations, it improves the age-related wrinkles and skin marks, restoring the skins softness and resilience by producing and nurturing soft baby collagen.

Fairy Flora K-1

Ichimaru Pharcos

Fairy Flora K-1 restores natural skin flora. This product uses a special lactic acid bacteria found in Japanese rice. Fairy Flora K-1 nurtures beneficial bacteria and improves sensitive and troubled skin. This product is made from heat-treated lactobacillus material, so its quality is more stable than the raw bacteria.


Ichimaru Pharcos

BURGEON-UP is an epoch-making product focusing on R-spondin 1 (RSPO1) which has attracted attention in regenerative medicine. BURGEON-UP upregulates RSPO1 secretion from dermal papilla, and elongate the hair follicle by promoting transition from Telogen (resting phase) to Anagen (growth phase). In addition, RSPO1 extends each follicle’s period in Anagen.


Ichimaru Pharcos

Extracellular ATP is released from epidermal cells as the first signal of dermal thinning pathway. SpringMint suppressed production of extracellular ATP from early senescent epidermal cells. This product is a 100% natural ingredient that uses organic peppermint. In human studies, SpringMint increased the thickness of dermis.

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