Michael Cera unmasked as ‘visionary’ behind CeraVe in Super Bowl campaign

By Julia Wray | Published: 9-Feb-2024

A tongue-in-cheek website about the actor’s ‘passion’ for ‘human skin’ has launched ahead of this weekend’s game

Actor Michael Cera and CeraVe’s recent guerilla marketing stunt has been revealed as a teaser for the L’Oréal-owned brand’s first Super Bowl campaign. 

Last month, the Canadian actor was filmed by influencer Haley Kalil, a CeraVe brand partner, at a pharmacy placing stickers of his face on CeraVe cream bottles in a TikTok video which went viral.

Now a video of Cera crediting himself as the ‘visionary’ behind CeraVe has appeared on a new website called iamcerave.com.

Below the site’s headline, ‘Michael Cerave’, is the alarmingly-specific slogan ‘Human skin is his passion’. 

“I’m Michael Cera and I am pleased to announce this is my cream,” the Arrested Development and Superbad star reveals in the video, before whispering “CeraVe”, adding: “oh, you didn’t know?!”

In the clip, a pastiche of traditional beauty marketing, Cera is shown scaling (and moisturising) a rock face and is complimented on his skin by a dolphin with a unicorn horn.  

Beyond its pure entertainment value, the video highlights that CeraVe Moisturizing Cream contains three essential ceramides and provides all-day hydration.  

The site likewise includes educational nuggets presented in an amusing way. 

Under the founder’s story section, it reads: “By night, he dreamt of Ceramides, Dimethicone, Niacinamides – that sort of stuff. By day he filled notebooks with formulas and math.”

Meanwhile, images of CeraVe lotion and cream with ‘Michael’ scrawled across them in black pen, marked as ‘sold out’, are a cheeky nod to Kalil’s TikTok post.

CeraVe confirmed to Adweek that the video and site form part of its upcoming Super Bowl campaign.

Also included on iamcerave.com is an episode of The Really Good Podcast, featuring Cera, in which presenter Bobbi Althoff asks him about his links to CeraVe. 

The actor replies “let’s just say I have some skin in the game”, a beauty-suitable sporting analogy that’s often used by investors.

Following the Kalil video, CeraVe released a tongue-in-cheek social media statement distancing the brand from Cera, asserting: “CeraVe is and always has been developed with dermatologists.” 

2024: Shaping up to be a beautiful Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl, which takes place on 11 February, is shaping up to be a magnet for beauty brand TV adverts. 

In addition to CeraVe, NYX Professional Makeup recently revealed its team-up with American rapper Cardi B for its first-ever Super Bowl television advert. 

They follow in the footsteps of e.l.f. Cosmetics, which launched its debut TV campaign at the game last year, featuring White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge.

e.l.f.'s 2024 Super Bowl campaign starring Judge Judy

e.l.f.'s 2024 Super Bowl campaign starring Judge Judy

e.l.f. is hoping to score two years in a row with its 2024 Super Bowl campaign starring Judge Judy. 

The 30-second courtroom-themed spot, titled ‘Judge Beauty’ will air on CBS during the big game 

In the TV ad, Judy – full name Judge Judy Sheindlin – will preside over e.l.f. Court where a “zany and inclusive… icons” will come together to object to overpriced make-up. 

It will also include stars from legal drama Suits, singer and e.l.f. brand collaborator Meghan Trainor and former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho, among others.


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