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Lush calls on public to help it achieve 60 tonne rubbish picking goal

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 4-Jul-2023

The UK beauty brand, which still has 21 tonnes of waste to collect, has launched an online portal where customers can log their picking efforts

Lush has asked customers to help it achieve its target of picking 60 tonnes of rubbish.

The UK beauty retailer is calling on local communities to become “trash-dashers” and help it collect 21 more tonnes of waste from streets, rivers, parks and beaches around the world.

The company has collected 39 tonnes of waste so far over a four-year time period.

To give the campaign a push, Lush has launched Trash Dash – an online portal where customers can log their waste picking efforts.

The company said it will reward some who take part with “random acts of kindness”. 

Shoppers can find out about local rubbish collection activations happening throughout July by contacting their local Lush shop.

Lush originally launched its waste initiative – Leave The World Lusher Than We Found It – and the goal of collecting 60 tonnes of rubbish in 2018.

The British beauty retailer is giving the goal a big push this year because it is Lush co-founder Rowena Bird’s 60th birthday (19 October) wish to achieve it. 

There is an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean, reported National Geographic

Around two million items of litter are also dropped in the UK every day, found environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. 

This is not the only wider societal issue Lush has shone a spotlight on recently. 

The cosmetics retailer launched a Refugees Welcome campaign last month to help people seeking asylum in the UK

It has also campaigned to end lethal dose animal tests and called on UK MPs to pass legislation that prohibits conversion practices

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