Lush urges UK government to ban ‘conversion therapy’ in new campaign

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 14-Feb-2023

The British beauty brand is calling on MPs to protect LGBT+ people by passing legislation that prohibits conversion practices

Lush has launched a campaign calling on the UK government to ban ‘conversion therapy’.

The UK retailer has partnered with LGBT+ anti-abuse charity Galop on its ‘Have a Heart’ initiative, which urges MPs to prohibit conversion practices.

By scanning a QR code, Lush customers can send an e-card to their MP this Valentine’s Day, asking them to ‘have a heart’ and bring legislation before parliament. 

Shoppers are also invited to sign large Valentine’s Day cards in store, which will be sent to MPs after the campaign.

One in five LGBT+ people in the UK have been subjected to someone trying to change, ‘cure’ or suppress their sexual orientation or gender identity, found Galop.

The British beauty brand has also launched limited edition heart-shaped washcards which feature the words “proud of you”.

All sales of this product will go to Galop’s helpline, which aids those who have experienced ‘conversion therapy’ and other forms of abuse.

Every Lush store will also have window displays which bring the issue to shoppers attention.

All sales of Lush's heart-shaped washcards will go to Galop

All sales of Lush's heart-shaped washcards will go to Galop

“With many of our staff identifying as LGBT+, bringing an end to so-called ‘conversion therapy’ is a cause we are passionate about,” said Jonnie Hatfield, Lush PR and LGBTQIA+ Community Network Member. 

“Working with Galop gave us the perfect opportunity to bring this issue to the public’s attention and call on the government to have a heart and enact vital legislation to protect LGBT+ people across the UK from abuse.”

Leni Morris, Galop’s CEO, commented: “We are incredibly grateful to Lush and to everyone supporting this campaign to finally get so-called ‘conversion therapy’ banned in this country.

“Five years ago, the UK government promised to ban conversion practices. 

“With each day that passes, more of our community are being left at risk.”

The UK government promised a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ in 2018, but successive governments have failed to bring legislation before Parliament. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said the government will table a legislative ban on ‘conversion therapy’, with the aim of passing it before the next general election.

‘Conversion therapy’ is any group of actions that try to change or suppress someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

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