Cosmetics tubes: Squeezy being green

Published: 26-Mar-2019

Growing environmental awareness among consumers is clearly resonating with tube manufacturers, who hope to sustain market share via new eco packs, reports Des King

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Arguments in favour of tubes as the preferred packaging format for a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products are well-versed. Consumers love them for their familiarity; ease-of-use; increasingly innovative means of dispensing or applying contents; high standards of safety and hygiene; and their sheer convenience and portability.

Brands, meanwhile, love them for their cost-effective performance attributes; their inbuilt aptitude for withstanding the rigours of the supply chain; and for the platform they provide for attention-drawing image projection.

Always to hand when needed, a handbag essential, and always elegant and timeless, the tube is “the little black dress of packaging”, says Raul Cervantes, Marketing Manager, Personal Care for Albéa, which sells more than 6 billion tubes each year.

“Tubes offer significant performance and sustainability advantages to both manufacturers and consumers,” RPC M&H Plastics’ Director, Simon Chidgey, tells Cosmetics Business. “In comparison with rigid bottles they are lightweight and can utilise some of the latest sustainable materials such as biopolymers or plastic containing recycled content.

“They’re also readily accepted by consumers who assume products such as skin care will be packaged in tubes rather than bottles. Their ease-of-use and one-handed operation also makes them ideal for a range of personal care products,” he says.

“Flexibility is also a key benefit with different diameter orifices

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