Pinterest's Head of Beauty: 'Brands should not rely on traditional wellness ideas'

Published: 9-Mar-2022

Cosmetics Business columnist, Pinterest's Head of Beauty Tom Spratt explores why one size of wellness no longer fits all

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"Practising wellness and improving wellbeing was previously perceived to only be achieved through physical activity, sport and eating a balanced diet. But our understanding of the concept has expanded, with the last two years fast-forwarding its changed definition.

From mental health and spirituality, to healthy relationships and work-life balance – optimal wellness has become a full 360 degree experience. It is as much about feeling good on the inside, as it is on the out. For brands creating new products or looking to engage consumers in new ways, this means they need to consider the breadth that wellness encompasses.

I’ve seen first-hand on Pinterest the consumer shift in perception, with searches for terms for ‘daily stretch routine’, ‘lazy workout in bed’ and ‘self care checklist’ increasing by 80%, 135% and 51% respectively. Major beauty and home technology brands, meanwhile, are advocating to take little steps to improve our mood through changes in your environment, light or air quality.

This is a positive and welcome shift in our mindset: it now doesn’t matter how big or small our self care actions might be, as they all work towards improving our wellbeing.

Technology has

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