in-cosmetics 2010 - Love is at the fair

Published: 11-Apr-2010

in-cosmetics returns to Paris this month (17-19 April), the traditional home of the cosmetics industry. Over 5,000 visitors are expected through the doors to see 460 exhib-itors spread over 7,870m2 (+22% on 2007). SPC, ECM and are really looking forward to seeing everyone there so do please visit us on stand E94

in-cosmetics returns to Paris this month (17-19 April), the traditional home of the cosmetics industry. Over 5,000 visitors are expected through the doors to see 460 exhib-itors spread over 7,870m2 (+22% on 2007). SPC, ECM, CTMW and are really looking forward to seeing everyone there so do please visit us on stand E94

The ultimate aphrodisiac

The 2007 edition of In-Cosmetics will have a distinctly sensual feel thanks to this year’s theme - Aphrodisia. After the success of the Amazonian theme in 2006, in-cosmetics is hoping for another hit with a theme based on aphrodisiacal ingredients and products. The in-focus event will feature 17 laboratories and suppliers of ingredients and technologies who will present formulas and concepts based on love and aphrodisia. Participants include Cognis, Laboratoires Sérobiologiques, Symrise, Laserson, Cosmetochem, Lessonia, Rahn, Monoï de Tahiti, Soliance, Jan Dekker and Greentech.

4-Front Research - stand B137

Consumer product testing company 4-Front will be publicising the recent opening of a new research facility in India. The site is based in central Hyderabad and will offer both clinical and laboratory capabilities.

ABC Texture - stand F144

ABC Texture is a French research, development and industrial cocontracting company that will personalise products according to companies’ requirements. The company’s three key areas are sun care, body care, facial skin care and make-up.

Akema Fine Chemicals - stand F61

New from Akema will be Stabil [INCI: Phenethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol], a multifunctional system with antimicrobial properties which is said to offer an alternative to traditional cosmetic preservatives. In addition to offering broad spectrum activity against bacteria and fungi, Stabil is said to act as a skin moisturiser, wetting agent and mild fragrance. It is a liquid system compatible with most regularly used cosmetic ingredients and is effective across a wide pH and temperature range. It is particularly recommended for emulsions, oil-based and surfactant-based products at 0.6%-1-2% and at this level an appropriately formulated product would not require any additional preservative. Stabil is approved globally for all applications.

Alchem - stand B120

This year Indian phyto-chemical business Alchem will introduce a new skin care range including products such as escin, ruscogenin and hydroxytyrosol.

Alban Muller - stand B122

Exhibiting as part of the Cosmetic Valley, Alban Muller will present its new sustainable management of biodiversity approach and two new actives: Reparami for double action care, and seborami, a mattifying agent. The company describes itself as is a pioneer in sustainable development and says it is now establishing a strategy that takes into account the most demanding environmental criteria in order to create a new generation of innovative products. Reparami offers skin prep-aring and skin repairing. It is said to prevent the consequences of stress, conditioning skin cells by providing them with the means to react faster and mores efficiently to various forms of stress. It is also said to encourage repair procedures by stimulating the creation of chaperone proteins, leaving the skin visibly less strained and more resistant. Seborami is designed to fight oily skin, shiny epidermis and dilated pores.

Arkema - stand B51

A new Orgasol ingredient designed specifically for water continuous emulsions will be on display in Paris. Sample formulations will be available demonstrating the ingredient’s benefits in skin and sun care products. Also new is Oxynitrox S100, a metal-free catalyst for selective and mild oxidations of alcohols, particularly aldehyde compounds. This is said to have many applications, particularly in fine chemistry and synthetic flavours and fragrance.

Aquea Scientific - stand H35

Open platform delivery system Wash On will be highlighted this year by Aquea Scientific. It is claimed to allow, for the first time, the effective delivery of active ingredients in surfactant products, enabling them to become attracted to skin and hair. Wash On uses patented technology to encapsulate active ingredients into micro sized particles, which are then positively charged. The encapsulated active ingredients are then attracted to negatively charged skin and hair, and remain attracted throughout the day, even after rinse-off and patting dry.

Astron Clinica - stand A55

The company will be highlighting a new development in skin-imaging. Cosmetrics is a tool based on rigorous scientific methodology to validate product claims to stand up to regulatory scrutiny and customer demands. It combines the power of SIAscopy (Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis), which allows the visualisation and accurate measurement of haemoglobin, melanin and collagen concentrations living in the skin, with sophisticated tools that facilitate the collection, management and analysis of data during a clinical trial.

Biochemica - stand C40

A new line of exotic extract butters will be available from Biochemica. Lavender Butter, Chamomile Butter, Horsetail Butter and Lemon Grass Butter are made with whole dried flowers and plant stems and their inherent benefits are said to aid relaxation and skin rejuvenation. The butters are actually heat infused extracts which use Biochemica’s proprietary exotic butter base.

Bioflavon - stand D20

At In-Cosmetics Bioflavon will be explaining how Flavocon can stimulate the process of collagen formation and protect collagen filbrils in the presence of UV irradiation or a rise in temperature. Natural compound Flavocon, with its content of flavonoids totalling 98%, including over 90% dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) is extracted from the larch, growing on the shores of Lake Baikal in the great Siberian forests. Besides the known properties of flavonoids, recent tests additionally proved its effects as a UV filter and thermo protector of collagen, as a regulator of synthesis of collagen and elastin in skin and as an agent preventing capillary fragility and hair fragility.

CLR - stand F31

New from CLR is Cutipure, an active based on a combination of vegetable extracts in the form of a nanoemulsion suitable for formulations targeting oily or problem skin. The synergistic mixture comprises chaulmoogra, black cumin oil, manuka concentrate and magnolia bark extract, which combined are said to show broad activity against all factors contributing to oily and problem skin, including the regulation of sebum production and counteracting the colonisation of Propionibacterium acnes. Cutipure is therefore said to be effective against the formation of pimples and pustules.

Comercial Quimica Masso - stand D20

This distribution company will use the occasion of in-cosmetics to launch a new image for its cosmetic and pharmaceutical business. This will cover a new company slogan, a new website and new brochures. Principals sharing the stand will be Givaudan Cosmetic Ingredients, Tagra Biotechnologies, Solvay Solexis, Southern Cross Botanicals and Bioflavin.

Créations Couleurs - stand B80

The company is developing new concepts based on its production technologies and these will be available in Paris. These will include: Solar Harmony for sun care; Soft Lips for lip gloss and colours; Invisible Make-up for young looking skin; 35 Forever, offering soft focus effects; Filfow BTX for instant anti-wrinkle and facial muscle relaxation by strong di-electric function; 1000 minutes colour for face and eyes; Skin Whiteness for skin colour reduction; Volume Mascara with Colourspheres for increased lash volume; Fast Mascara for two-colour systems; Phytocaviar for extreme skin care delivery; and Sequence Perfume, offering the opportunity for controlled perfume release.

Daiichi - stand D70

Daiichi Fine Chemical has discovered a new vitamin B6 derivative, Panadoxine P, or pyridoxine-3,4’-cyclic-phosphate (PN-3,4’-cP), said to have superior stability, particularly against sunlight. Vitamin B6 deficiency can cause skin inflammation, swelling or hair loss, but topical preparations containing vitamin B6 such as pyrodoxine hydrochloride (PN) are said to have problems with light stability and the decomposition products may cause skin irritation. Panadoxine P is a pro form of vitamin B6 and is released by internal enzymes such as phosphatase. Its stability means it can penetrate through the upper skin layers, says Daiichi.

Dishman Europe - stand F141

New at this year’s in-cosmetics will be Octenidine, well known as an inhibitor of dental plaque but also functioning as an antimicrobial in skin care. Available from the company’s partners in China are a wide range of outsourced molecules, including a range of thiophene derivatives. The company also offers contract manufacturing services.

DSM - stand F130

There will be three new products to look out for on the DSM stand. BeauActive MTP are natural tripeptides which have been shown in vitro and in vivo to reduce deep and fine wrinkles as well as stimulate skin renewal. Radiance CR is a compound of two vitamins said to have skin smoothing properties and patented skin lightening and anti-age spot efficacy. Niacinamide PC is a grade of niacinamide developed specifically for topical applications. It is said to have a guaranteed low content of residual nicotinic acid, a well known skin irritant, while offering skin lightening, anti-wrinkle and skin barrier strengthening properties.

EUK Vegetable Extracts - stand A51

Lou Provencaou is a new range of vegetable extracts from Provence supplied by EUK. The extracts are available to specification - solvent and preservative system, or not - according to customer requirements. The herb extracts are certified organic and as a solvent EUK uses propylene glycol glycerine, alcohol or organic vegetable oil. The range includes Ayado (garlic), Baguie (laurel), Bourtouraigo (purslane), Darboussié (strawberry tree), Farigoule (thyme), Farigoulette (creeping thyme), Fenoun (fennel), Figuiéro (fig), Loouvando (lavender), Majurano (wild marjoram), Oulivo (olive), Pebre d’Ai (savory), Pimpinello (salad burnet), Pistou (basil), Roumaniou (rosemary) and Saouvi (sage).

Givaudan (Quest) - stand D22

Following the acquisition of Quest by Givaudan, the company’s cosmetic active ingredients will be exhibited under the new name. Yogurtene Balance is a new active designed to rebalance the skin’s natural flora after repeated aggressions or imbalance, Uniblend 2 is a solution for adding the company’s Ceramide II conditioning active to cold mix formulations, particularly surfactants, and Soothex ISA is an Ecocert registered skin calming active based on Ayurvedic medicine.

Greentech - stand F140

Greentech has fully embraced the aphrodisiac theme of this year’s in-cosmetics, working in association with contract manufacturer Strand Cosmetics to develop products with sex appeal, associating plant complexes with aphrodisiac virtues in formulations with textures associated with pleasure. For example, Mixed Kit for a Perfect Date comprises a number of products designed to prepare men and women for that perfect date: Velvet Skin after shave balm - containing Greentech’s 3G complex of Korean, American and Siberian ginseng - and Hot Lips - with a Pulp Complex of puama and damiana extracts and pomegranate seed oil - increase the power of seduction, and for later there is a Delicious Shower Potion - with hot pepper and saffron extracts.

Inovia - stand G2

Speciality extracts from both fresh and dry sources of fruits and botanicals from around the world will be the focus at Inovia International. Extracts include Scottish Sea Plant extracts from sustainable Lock aquaculture, organically certified pomegranate fruit extract and infused oils. Also available will be the company’s more traditional ranges of conventional and organic essential oils, vegetable oils and other aromatic and functional ingredients.

Interpolymer - stand C140

New from Interpolymer in Paris will be Syntran PC 5227 [INCI: Polyacrylate-15 & polyacrylate-17], an SPF booster developed from the company’s olefin-graft technology. It is said to boost the efficacy of traditional organic UV absorbers in an SPF sunscreen lotion by nearly 200%, enabling either higher SPF claims or a reduction in the amount of organic active ingredients used, reducing the potential for skin irritation and cutting costs.

ISP - stand F50

AquaStyle 300 is a new styling polymer said to impart durable and flexible hold, shine, frizz reduction and curl retention. It is suited to clear and cream gels, aerosol and non-aerosol mousses and styling lotions and sprays. ISP has also added a new range of encapsulated products to its Captivates series following a recent alliance with geniaLab. These particles are produced using novel JetCutter technology and are based on hydrogel matrices of naturally derived products such as alginate, chitosan or carrageenan. ISP also recently acquired Vincience, French specialist in skin research and biofunctional active ingredient development. The Vincience Skin Research Centre employees more than 25 research scientist, dedicated to skin biology and clinical evaluation and will be exhibiting on stand E138.

Kalichem Italia - stand C50

A new anti-hair loss ingredient will be showcased by Kalichem Italia. Stimucap (CLA glutathione) is composed of the several conjugated forms of linoleic acid and glutathione constituting, in a single molecule, both a natural and highly lipophilic component, as well as a hydrophile. Stimucap is said to reach its maximum efficiency when, after having been absorbed at a cellular level, it is cleaved from the amino acid bond. CLA is known to be highly efficient in favouring the formation of the arachidonic cascade, which causes the formation of prostaglandin, thus strengthening the local immune system. The arachidonic cascade, obtained from the CLA so that it may be converted into prostaglandin PGE2, requires oxygen and an electron donor. The activity is therefore guaranteed by the GSH (reduced glutathione). It is said to be highly efficient in the prevention and reduction of premature hair loss.

Kolb - stand B85

Kolb has developed a new emulsion concept for wipes featuring its liquid emulsifiers, which are suitable for cold processing. The viscosity of emulsions for wipes needs to be very low with the oil and water phases combined. There is also increasing demand for natural materials, PEG-free and flexibility. Kolb’s new concept is said to meet all these needs in this growing sector.

Lessonia - stand H20A

This company already produces 150 different grades of natural exfoliants and will at this year’s in-cosmetics be introducing a further two - Bioexfoliator and Greenexfoliator - to meet the growing demand for organic materials. Bioexfoliator is certified organic and Greenexfoliator can be used in any organic certified cosmetic product as it is not steriised by gamma radiation but by thermal cycles approved by the main certifiers worldwide. Lessonia is taking part in in-cosmetics’ in-focus Aphrodisia theme this year, focusing on integrating sensoriality in voluptuous formulations. In partnership with Affix Laboratories, ginger will be exhibited in a range of its states - ginger syrup, ginger balm, ginger granitee friction and heating mask - to demonstrate how active ingredients target nerve cells and sexual organs.

Lonza - stand C120

LaraCare A200 is the latest addition to Lonza’s Natrulon line of products and as with all Natrulon products it is naturally derived. It is an aqueous extract of the larch tree that provides a wide range of cosmetic benefits. The new ingredient is said to be clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhance moisturisation, AHA exfoliation, pigment dispersion and SPF.

Lucas Meyer - stand C20

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics will launch a new natural skin lightening ingredient extracted from Asian jackfruit seeds. Its strong action on the inhibition of melanosomes phagocytosis by keratinocytes is said to lead to a diminution of the melanin quantity at the surface of the skin, making the complexion more unified and luminous. Also new will be a natural tan activator that can be formulated into pre-tanning, sun protection and after sun products. The company is also expanding its Suprem’ Activ range with a vegetable milk reference with grenade extracts.

Mibelle Biochemistry - stand C101

Swiss-based Mibelle is launching two new products at in-cosmetics. Detoxophane is a second generation antioxidant to protect the skin against city pollution. Tested on isolated skin cells Detoxophane was shown to stimulate the skin’s own detoxification systems. Mibelle is also highlighting Melano-Bronze, which helps to protect the skin through stimulating the formation of melanin. It has been shown to accelerate and enhance skin pigmentation even without exposure to the sun, and is an innovative ingredient for daily skin care products and sun protection formulations.

Micro Powders - stand H20

Look out for the new Microspersions, dispersions of the company’s most popular grades of finely micronised waxes in isohexadecane, designed to be easy to incorporate as they are pourable and are said to provide optimum performance efficiency. Products include Microspersion 220PC (polyethylene wax), Microspersion 419PC (a combination of polyethylene wax and PTFE), Microspersion 511PC (polypropylene wax) and Microspersion 519PC (PTFE). New additions to MPI’s exfoliant range include Microscrub 35PC (low density, high molecular weight polyethylene 35 mesh particle size) and PropylTex 50PC (polypropylene 50 mesh particle size).

Millenia Hope Biopharma - stand F140

MHB has developed state of the art Phytomics Technologies, an integrated suite of proprietary technologies in plant cell culture bioengineering that allow efficient harnessing of the unparalleled ability of plants to biosynthesise a wide range of natural and novel biologically active compounds with commercial relevance. These technologies are said to address all of the challenges associated with traditional plant product discovery: access, supply, purification, reproducibility and compatibility with biological testing. They include the expertise to generate productive cell lines from most plant species and a collection of cell lines from more than 2,200 plant species obtained from 40% of known plant families.

Mitsubishi Kagaku Foods - stand H55

Visit Mitsubishi-Kagaku Foods to discover new textures as well as information about a new, easy emulsification method. The company also supplies two lines of natural, edible ingredients: Surfhope sugar esters and Ryoto polyglcyerol esters. Among other things, these multifunctional ingredients can be used as emulsifiers and mild foaming agents.

Monoi Institute - stand D120

The Monoi Institute is organising a summer festival in Tahiti this summer. Running 13-19 August, the festival will show local people and tourists the history and current standing of Monoi as a cultural product. The Institut du Monoi has announced its third International Monoi Contest, a formulation and innovation challenge for formulators in the cosmetics industry. This year there will be two categories of award: formulation and packaging - to be evaluated by a panel of industry professionals.

Natlantis - stand F137

Natlantis is now farming and harvesting halophytic (salt tolerant) plants to guarantee the supply of a wide range of species of coast, sea and marsh origin (eg salicornia, crithmum, crambe, Artemisia). The company says it will also supply extracts based on specifications and will develop the cultivation of specific plants.

NuSil Technology - stand G142

Silicone-based material manufacturer NuSil is exhibiting at in-cosmetics for first time, with the event marking its formal expansion into the European cosmetics formulation industry. Founded in 1979, the company branched into the US cosmetics raw materials field last year. Its sole focus in the cosmetics industry is custom product development. NuSil operates laboratories and processing facilities in North America and Europe and produces on-site, in-person application engineering support worldwide.

Oleon - stand B110

Green chemistry is the focus here with a new generation of natural, vegetable, renewable sugar products based on pentosides and said to provide a comprehensive range of surfactants, emulsifiers and hydrotropes. Developed from sustainable raw materials, the hydrophilic part comes from natural sources which valorise wheat co-products and the lipophilic fraction comes from natural fatty alcohols from palm or coco oils.

P&G Chemicals - stand F86

Global oleochemical supplier P&G Chemicals will be displaying its glycerine, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty alcohol ethoxylates and alkyldimethyl amines. Also available from P&G Chemicals are speciality products with cosmetic applications from the P&G Food Ingredients portfolio, specifically its Nutralphyl brand of caprylic capric triglycerides (MCTs), phytosterols and phytosterol esters.

Pentapharm - stand C140

Syn-Tacks is a new peptide complex said to preserve and redesign the dermal epidermal junction (DEJ) and therefore suitable for anti-ageing formulations. It combines two peptides and is said to interact with the most relevant protein structure of the DEJ, unlike traditional approaches to skin ageing. It is said to significantly stimulate laminin V, collagens types IV, VII and XVII and integrin all at once, guaranteeing the best anti-ageing benefits for the skin. In vitro Syn-Tacks is said to stimulate all the relevant DEJ proteins that play an important role in the functionality of the basement membrane, increasing it by up to 190%. In vivo data show a significant effect on cellular cohesion and skin tones and elasticity. Pentapharm also has two additions to its Alp Organic line of plant extracts. Scutellaria AO sourced from Scutellaria alpina (Alpine skullcap) is a high grade active that stimulates production of beta-endorphins. Inspired by well-being concepts from the Swiss Alps, this is recommended for relaxing and spa products. Linum AO, source from Linum alpinum (Alpine flax) is an extract that reduces the ICAM 1 (intercellular adhesion molecule 1) expression, thus playing a beneficial role in the inflammation process and recommended for the treatment of sensitive or irritated skin (eg after sun product formulations).

ProDERM - stand C103

ProDERM says it has made major scientific advances in its rapid screening method for antiperspirants, enabling evaluation of a number of different products whilst reducing time and study costs.

Protameen Chemicals - stand G30

The latest addition to Protameen’s range of speciality esters is Proaqua, a range of water soluble versions of some of the company’s most popular lipophilic esters. This means they are easy to incorporate into water-based formulations, resulting in clear products with a conditioning effect on skin and hair. Proaqua ISL (isosteareth 200 linoleate) and Proaqua ISP (isostearethe 200 palmitate) are said to be substantive and offer good long-term moisturisation.

Rahn - stand C100

Rahn has recently signed an agreement with Micap GmbH to distribute pigmented jojoba exfoliating microparticles in various countries. These particles are fine, even, spherical particles made of hydrogenated jojoba oil and cosmetic colour pigments are used to achieve colour effects. The rounded microparticles remove loose or flaking skin while the jojoba oil supports the natural regeneration of the skin.

Rohm and Haas - stand E11

The company will be promoting its Acudyne styling and conditioning polymers, Aculyn rheology modifiers, Sunspheres SPF boosters and Neolone preservatives based on methylisothiazolinone chemistry and now offering the benefit of global approval.

Sederma - stand E40

The latest ingredients from Croda subsidiary Croda are the anti-ageing Venuceane and the contouring Volufiline. Venuceane is said to be the first ingredient to provide effective prevention against photo-ageing. Sourced from the deep sea, it is said to protect the skin against radical aggressions and prevent photo-damage and the associated signs of ageing. A skin saving age of five years in six months was said to be measured after the use of this ingredient. Volufiline promises ‘harmonious curves for a gorgeous body’. It is designed to remodel the contours of the décolletage through a progressive cosmetic lipofilling-like action. This non-hormonal treatment is said to stimulate adipocyte differentiation, proliferation and volume to bring volume where it is needed, rounding the cleavage off by up to 8.4%.

Silab - stand E100

In February 2007 Silab established a Chinese division to answer the specific challenges of the Chinese market. The company now has bases in Guangzhou and Shanghai, to serve South and North China respectively. Silab plans to use the show to launch Pro-Sveltyl, said to be be an ultra powerful anti-cellulite and draining active ingredient. This new ingredient is extracted from the Sacred Lotus, an aquatic perennial plant. Pro-Veltyl reduces fat storage by boosting SIRT-1 synthesis, limits adipose tissue inflammation by favouring adiponectine expression, and preserves fibrous architecture by inhibiting MMP-2 and MMP-9 activities.

Sinerga - stand G70

Sinerga’s research centre says it has recently developed an innovative combination of effective ingredients ideal for delivering a reduced level of actives but maintaining a high level of efficacy. This was achieved using a new technique for solubilising lipids naturally in a way capable of incorporating over 30% of active ingredients. The most relevant activities of these ingredients include improvement of superficial blood vessel flow, ideal for treatments for things like cellulite where modification of microcirculation is needed. Also relevant is the improved control of moisturisation and protection of the epidermal barrier, restoring a deranged barrier by restructuring the intercellular lipid network and providing an immediate moisturising effect on the stratum corneum.

Sisacuma - stand B124

Ecuadorian essential oil producer Sisacuma will be displaying its recently developed Bursera graveolens and Piper ottoniaefolium products, known as holy wood and gavid essential oils. These oils are processed from native plant species of the rainforests of Ecuador, and are revered for their attractive scent and medicinal qualities.

Sisterna - stand C60

This specialist in sucrose esters based on sucrose and vegetable fatty acids will introduce new formulation concepts with sucrose esters for skin care and decorative cosmetic applications. The company’s R&D team says it has developed new textures such as chocolate mousse type emulsion and lipstick with a fantastic feel.

Sochibo - stand H20

New from Sochibo is a preservative-free range of concentrated plant extracts. Les Concentrés PrF are titrated and substantiated and include Citr’Eclat PrF, lemon extract with its AHA properties for its exfoliating action; PhéNoStress PrF, an anti-stress and antipollution active obtained from dried rosehip, a fruit rich in polyphenols; Hydra’Flow PrF, obtained by extraction of polysaccharide-rich dried mallow flowers, for their soothing and moisturising properties; Lipolytic Lipo’Tea PrF, derived from caffeine-rich dried green tea; and Flav’Age PrF, obtained from dried lime blossom for its regenerating flavonoid content. The French company is also adding new products to its range of organic plant actives, Les Naturels, including cranberry, mango and lime, that comply with Ecocert cosmetics product specification.

Solabia - stand E80

Solabia will welcome visitors to the heart of bio-intelligent cosmetics with a balanced diet for the skin. Recemmendations include: stabilised polyunsaturated fatty acids in biomimetic ceramide forms (Omega 3 Ceramide, Omega 6 Ceramide); complex sugars and oligosaccharides (Nutrimel Skin vegetal honey, Glycofilm and Glycopatch second skin matrix polysaccharides; bioavailable mineral carriers with Aquaregul-K, skin hydrous flow regulator and Mangalidone anti-free radical SOD stimulator; and angi-ageing peptides.

Sun Chemical - stand D90

The focus here will be on: SunPEARL with its low heavy metal content; SunPURO extra pure inorganic pigments with new titanium dioxide and iron oxides available; SunSHINE synthetic fluorphlogopite-based effect pigment; SpectraFlex; SynMICA silky synthetic fluorphlogopite fillers; Sof-Tex dispersion solution; and the new Semi-Transparent iron oxides.

Technature - stand G55

Translucent peel-off masks are a new concept to be revealed by Technature. This promises a skin hugging effect to reveal a natural appearance. The mask will remove skin imperfections, absorbing dead cells and helping to detoxify by drawing impurities out and away from the skin and leaving pores tightened. To customise, spices, fruits and flower petals could be added. The texture of the mask is described as smooth and stretchy and has high glucose content.

Univar - stand G64

Stay one step ahead by visiting Univar which promises to show visitors the high quality products and creative ideas they need to win in the cosmetics sector. Drawing on relationships with major suppliers such as Dow Corning and sourcing from silicones and colour blends to UV filters, Univar supplies customers around the world with a huge range of materials for baby care, hair care, skin care, oral care, sun care and decorative cosmetics. "We keep a constant look out for the latest fashion trends and innovative ingredients to help our customers stay ahead of the competition," says Roger Chantillon, Univar's European industry business director.

Wacker Chemie - stand F90

Wacker will present Wacker-Belsil P 101, a novel hybrid polymer for hairstyling products. This silicones/vinyl acetate copolyer is said to make it possible for the first time to produce water-based hairsprays that not only provide firm hold but also give hair a natural feel. The polymer comprises two building blocks: inorganic silicones and organic vinyl acetate. Lab studies and panel testing show that this hybrid polyer combines the positive properties of silicones with those of organic polymers what have proved effective in hairstyling products. It is non-hygroscopic (ie does not draw any water from moist air), and unlike conventional organic hairstying polymers the hybrid it said to be ideal for formulating hairsprays with a high water content while avoiding any sticky film, making it suitable for both aerosol and pump sprays.

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