Discover the secret of superior skin luminosity for all skin types

Published: 6-Mar-2024

Imagine having dull skin with pigment disorders and an uneven tone…

RAHN-Cosmetic Actives from Switzerland unveils ILLUMISCIN®-GLOW, which provide a bright and even skin complexion for consumers around the globe, regardless of ethnicity or gender.

Hordatines, obtained from upcycled brewers’ barley sprouts, were identified by AI as brand new inhibitors of tyrosinase, a key modulator of our skin tone.

Clinical studies have shown that ILLUMISCIN®-GLOW significantly reduces skin tanning, the intensity of sun spots and melasma. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, is gentle on the skin and provides a comfortable skin feel. It makes the skin brighter, more radiant and luminous. Extensive studies on multi-ethnic skin groups have shown general suitability and efficacy for all skin types.

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