Recommended cosmetic ingredients for a new normal life with masks


Recommended cosmetic ingredients for a new normal life with masks

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 infection, the use of masks has increased significantly. As a result, skin problems caused by mask stress have increased, and this has become the new norm.

The friction caused by putting on and taking off masks can cause rough and irritated skin. The steaminess of the skin due to the rise in temperature and humidity inside the mask also causes inflammation and itching.

SAKURA Extract B reduces the erythema and itchiness of skin. YUZU Ceramide B is a citrus-derived ceramide that improves the skin barrier function and reduces skin irritation.

The steaming by mask also causes enlarged pores. Biobenefity reduces the number of noticeable pores.

Skin steaming induces the growth of bacteria, causing acne and skin irritation. OUBAKU Liquid B shows antibacterial action against acne bacteria.

FLAVOSTERONE SB inhibits sebum production.

Removing the mask while the skin is steamed causes the skin to dry out. This lowers the barrier function and causes further skin roughness.

MandarinClear stimulates the production of caspase-14 in epidermal keratinocytes and improves the barrier function of skin.

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By combining these cosmetic ingredients, it is possible to improve the skin condition of modern people who tend to experience mask problems.

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