ICI Bioscience introduces Plantrolatum a plant-based alternative to petroleum

Published: 3-Aug-2023

Plantrolatum from ICI Bioscience LLC - 100% Plant-Based formulation alternative to petroleum derived industry standard “Petrolatum”

PlantrolatumTM is a 100% natural, plant-based, alternative to the petroleum-based petrolatum ingredient used across multiple areas of the cosmetics and personal care markets. It provides a NATURAL 100% plant-based ability to be used in place of petrolatum in current formulations; or where an emollient, moisturiser, solubiliser or dispersing agent is required in new product formulation design.

PlantrolatumTM is not available without cannabinoid infusion. The lowest level of cannabinoids we can achieve/deliver with PlantrolatumTM is 0.01% concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD). This makes it virtually non-detectable in formulations where 0% cannabinoids are required.

PlantrolatumTM eliminates the need for or reduces the amount needed of expensive natural butters to moisturise as it has excellent moisture retention.

PlantrolatumTM is a low tack, medium gloss product with a creamy application texture and cushiony feel.

The color of PlantrolatumTM will vary dependent on concentration level and blend of infused cannabinoids.

PlantrolatumTM is certified to contain 100% natural ingredients of vegetable-plant origin.

Human skin tissue samples testing a low strength PlantrolatumTM concentration showed promising expression of genes important to human tissue biology. Affected genes were related to antioxidant/stress response, barrier formation, and inflammatory responses.

Subsequently, in-vivo testing of our consumer brand product formulations which are “powered by Plantrolatum"TM has proven tremendous efficacy in terms of healing acceleration along with blemish, inflammation, and pain reduction, and more.

This activity indicates a promising potential for PlantrolatumTM to be used as a both a supplement and substitute ingredient in formulation across a variety of market landscapes.

“Our PlantrolatumTM infusions have demonstrated tremendous efficacies and show tremendous promise to our developments within the medicinal and biotech segments of our business” said David Pittman, CEO at ICI Bioscience LLC.

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