Skin care ingredients – Forms of delivery

Published: 22-May-2013

A review of the ingredients that provide a delivery system for cosmetic actives to penetrate into the stratum corneum and deliver a sustained and targeted release of benefits to the skin.

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John Woodruff takes a look at the wide range of skin delivery systems and the benefits that they bring to cosmetic and personal care products

Cosmetic delivery systems take many forms. It could be said that any cosmetic product that provides a benefit to the user is a delivery system. A shampoo delivers cleansing aids; a hair conditioner delivers detangling properties; a lipstick delivers colour. There are also transdermal delivery systems that transport therapeutic drugs through the skin, but these are beyond the scope of cosmetics. Somewhere in between these two extremes are ingredients that enhance penetration into the stratum corneum or that provide sustained or targeted release of cosmetic actives, as well as systems that protect actives from degradation before delivery. These are the subject of this feature.

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