Taking a regenerative approach to hair growth and hair loss prevention

Published: 29-Jun-2020

A new hair growth raw ingredient "BURGEON-UP" won the second prize at the BSB Innovation Award 2020 in the "scalp, hair, moisture, tan" Natural Products / Raw materials category on April 1st, 2020.

In addition, at the PCHi Fountain Awards Online Ceremony 2020 held on June 4th, the product developer of BURGEON-UP was selected as an Outstanding Individual.

R-spondin 1 (RSPO1) is a protein involved in the regeneration of organs and tissues and, is currently increasing attention in the field of regenerative medicine.

In the field of hair science, RSPO1 activates the foundation of hair follicles, known as the outer root sheath, which is important in making thick hairs that do not come out easily.

This has led to the development of BURGEON-UP which is the hair growth material applied for the first time.

As BURGEON-UP also suppresses the mechanism of action of male hormones, it activates follicles while also preventing hair loss. In addition to male hair loss, BURGEON-UP is expected to work on female hair loss as well.

Efficacy of BURGEON-UP

The following test results demonstrate the usefulness of the product.

in vitro

  • Promotion of R-spondin 1 secretion
  • Suppression of hair loss factor DKK1 secretion
  • Suppression of hair loss factor IL-6 secretion

ex vivo

  • Human hair follicle elongation

in vivo

  • Hair growth in clinical trials


The following test results demonstrate the usefulness of the product.

  • Hair growth
  • Anti-hair loss treatment
  • Anti-aging hair serum
  • Eyebrow growth serum
  • Eyelash growth serum
  • Active mascara.

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