Skin perfecting: in-cosmetics Global trends round up

By Julia Wray 11-Apr-2022

We discover new cosmetic ingredients launched at in-cosmetics Global 2022; in this third and final part, we discuss how to impart skin radiance and focus on the direction the wellness trend for skin care will go in 2022

<i>Ashland's caressence biofunctional is based on the beautifying power of touch</i>

Ashland's caressence biofunctional is based on the beautifying power of touch

Skin care marketing claims are changing. The move away from ‘anti-ageing’ has witnessed the use of terms like ‘radiance’ come to the fore when discussing benefits to more mature skins.

Simultaneously, for younger beauty skintellectuals claims for pore-perfecting and creating that perfect ‘Insta’ complexion without filters are attracting interest.

And across all demographics there is increased interest in how emotional wellbeing and mental health impact the look of skin. And, importantly, ever-more sophisticated ways of demonstrating how skin care ingredients can help in this respect.


Iselight from Chemyunion is an active ingredient dedicated to lightning age-related blemishes. It specifically targets lipofuscin accumulation, or what Chemyunion terms “cell garbage that will accumulate with age”.

This accumulation leads to loss of skin elasticity, increased skin roughness and the development of age spots.

The extract of Myrothamnus flabellifolia (also known as the resurrection plant) and Coffea arabica works on two processes: autophagy and proteasome activity – different processes which work in a synergistic way to “clean” cells.


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