Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH) is a global additives and specialty ingredients company with a conscious and proactive mindset for environment, social and governance (ESG). The company serves customers in a wide range of consumer and industrial markets, including architectural coatings, automotive, construction, energy, food and beverage, nutraceuticals, personal care and pharmaceutical

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Approximately 3,900 passionate, tenacious solvers – from renowned scientists and research chemists to talented engineers and plant operators – thrive on developing practical, innovative and elegant solutions to complex problems for customers in more than 100 countries.

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liftyl™ biofunctional - Liftyl™ biofunctional is a premium rosewood extract from upcycled wood chips, inspired by ethno-genomic research on face sculpting to visibly lift and redefine facial contours. Consumer benefits include a lifted V-shape line, redefined contours, bouncy skin, fuller cheekbones, softer wrinkles, and improved facial harmony. Liftyl ™ biofunctional is all natural, biodegradable, vegan, sustainably sourced and upcycled.

sclareance™ biofunctional - Sclareance™ biofunctional is a new natural solution from Ashland to visibly help limit dandruff and scalp irritation. Sclareance™ is a purified sclareolide obtained by fermentation from clary sage flowers. Sclareance™ boasts a dual approach to scalp health: it contributes to limit the growth of Malassezia fungi associated with dandruff and it can help the skin transform vitamin D into its active form. Sclareance™ can fortify the scalp barrier, preventing scalp breakouts and the penetration of Malassezia fungi associated with inflammatory cytokine release. Clinical results show a healthier scalp with less visible dandruff.

saffragyl™ biofunctionalSaffragyl ™ biofunctional represents a new cosmetic approach to gum care. It addresses a serious public health problem related to gingival health.​ Saffragyl™ biofunctional helps prevent early gums problems and strengthen sensitive and irritated gums.​ It is a safe, microbiome-friendly and effective cosmetic bioactive for the oral care market. Saffragyl ™  can be used daily for leave-on gum care routine with no side effect on irritation and sensitivity.​

caressense™ biofunctionalCaressense ™ biofunctional is a phytofermented extract from fresh and organic jasmine flowers, sustainably grown in Provence, and inspired by research on the connection between “skin and emotions” and “science of love”. For the first time, Ashland research reveals a natural bioactive that can activate skin’ sensors of touch, the piezos, to release “feel-good” and anti-aging molecules (oxytocin…) for well-feeling and well-ageing benefits.

santalwood™ biofunctionalSantalwood ™ biofunctional is a Santalum album extract obtained from upcycled wood chips to help defy skin aging. Inspired by ancient rituals and forest therapy, Santalwood is the first biofunctional to be developed by Ashland with Artificial Intelligence (Al) for a better aging that helps transform skin's appearance from dull and lifeless to vibrant and glowing.

Perfectyl - Perfectyl™ biofunctional is a high-tech chamomile extract, inspired by new aesthetic techniques, to clarify & smoothen skin flaws (such as pores & hyperpigmentation) for all ethnicities. Ashland uses fresh & living chamomile, Zeta Fraction technology and A.I to reveal the science of clear skin with a pure, patented extract naturally rich in GABA & flower acids. Perfectyl addresses GABA pathway through GABAA expression ex vivo. GABA amino acid is a neurotransmitter described to be the natural cosmetic alternative solution to botox1 as expression lines relaxer2. This new ingredient leverages the GenZ and Millennial trend of using non-surgical aesthetic procedures to get flawless skin.

1  -

2  - a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study

Oral Care

Gantrez soja delivery system: Gantrez soja delivery system is a nature-derived, biodegradable ingredient that is substantive to oral mucosa and enamel to retain oral care actives in the mouth for long-lasting benefits. It enables the creation of novel oral care products with long-lasting freshness and antimicrobial benefits.

Skin Care


softhance™ mr conditioning agent - Softhance™ mr is a nature-derived, biodegradable conditioning agent delivering consumer-perceivable skin softness from rinse-off cleansing formulations. Depositing on the skin during washing, softhance™ mr helps skin retain moisture, leaving skin feeling conditioned and soft after rinsing. Non-microplastic, non-GMO, and vegan suitable softhance™ mr offers a sustainable option to deliver conditioning benefits from body washes, hand soaps, facial cleansers, and more!

antaron™ soja glyceride - Antaron™ soja glyceride is a nature derived, biodegradable film former that delivers water resistance and SPF boosting benefits to sun care and color cosmetic formulations. Antaron™ soja glyceride enables the creation of more natural sun care creams, lotions, gels, and color cosmetics.

antaron™ eco gel - Antaron™ eco gel starts with a globally compliant film former that is based on sustainably sourced wood-derived cellulose. This unique ethylcellulose provides excellent water resistance and light formula aesthetics. To make it easier for formulators to take full advantage of the benefits, we incorporated it into a biodegradable sun care solvent. The resulting inherently biodegradable gel can easily be incorporated into a formula, saving energy for formulators and during production.

natrathix™ bio cellulose - Natrathix™ bio cellulose is a nature-derived, biodegradable rheology modifier with suspension capabilities that maintains emulsion stability of skin and sun care formulations with a desirable skin feel.

Hair Care


styleze™ es-dura ingredient - Styleze™ es-dura ingredient is the latest plant-based ecostyler innovation from Ashland, for leading edge styling performance and sustainability. This novel ingredient draws on Ashland’s expertise in guar-based polysaccharides to deliver outstanding all-weather style durability. It was developed to give a uniquely strong sustainability profile offering naturally-derived, biodegradable, vegan and clean INCI claims in hair styling, conditioner and treatment formulations.

texturpure ™ sa-1 ingredient Texturpure™ sa-1 ingredient, our new and novel naturally-derived, biodegradable texturing and suspension agent for sustainable hair and body care. Our expertise in sustainable technology brings a rich, elegant experience and lasting suspension to shampoos and cleansers. Texturpure™ sa-1 delivers a great consumer experience throughout: on-hand, on-hair, rinse and after-feel. Additionally, texturpure™ sa-1 has been proven in tricky systems such as sulfate-free, silicone-free with lamellar gels, anti-dandruff and deep conditioning formulations.

styleze™ es-1 polymer Styleze™ es-1 polymer is a naturally-derived polymer that delivers style for bouncy, defined waves, curls. This COSMOS* validated, biodegradable solution provides improved style durability and 48-hour humidity resistance and is perfect for mousse formulations.

Microbial Protection


sensiva sc-80 multifunctionalSensiva sc 80 is a liquid multifunctional ingredient for personal care products. Besides efficient antimicrobial efficacy in broad pH range with especially strong fungicidal efficacy it provides additional skin benefits contributing to well-ageing and healthy looking skin. It has strong antioxidant capacities and inhibits enzymes helping to shield collagen and hyaluronan.

sensiva go natural multifunctional - Sensiva go natural is a liquid multifunctional ingredient for personal care products and 100% natural. It is the perfect fit for natural formulations in global markets thanks to its wide applicability and effectiveness in broad pH range. Combining broad spectrum of efficacy against microbials with moisturizing properties.

phyteq raspberry multifunctional - is globally recognized for its outstanding skin and oral care benefits. A potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger, it even helps to protect formulations from microbial spoilage. Globally approved, readily biodegradable and a wide pH applicability, phyteq raspberry multifunctional should be a must in any formulator’s toolbox.

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