New cosmetic ingredient "BabyColla" launched

Published: 24-Oct-2022

Ichimaru Pharcos has launched a new cosmetic ingredient, BabyColla. This ingredient raises collagen levels to have skin as soft as a baby's

As people get older, they become more and more concerned about the pillow marks on their faces that remain on their cheeks when they wake up in the morning. In addition, at the present time of the corona disaster, many people are troubled by the fact that the marks do not easily disappear when they usually wear a mask.

Since the skin is soft in youth, it is difficult for marks and skin wrinkles to remain, and skin marks is a problem particularly for middle-aged and older people. Type III collagen is what gives skin its softness.

Type III collagen penetrates into the firm fibrous bundles of type I collagen, which supports firmness, thereby imparting softness to the skin. Type III collagen is also called "baby collagen" because it is abundant in infants.

Ichimaru Pharcos searched for a material that promotes the production of type III collagen in fibroblasts and found that an extract of pink carnation flowers had this effect. Ichimaru Pharcos launched the natural cosmetic ingredient "BabyColla". BabyColla also promotes the enzyme necessary for the maturation of type III collagen, and works to improve skin softness and prevent marks.

Effects of BabyColla

  • Promotion of type III collagen production​
  • Increase of skin softness, restoring, and elasticity​
  • Prevention of skin marks​
  • Increase of collagen density


  • COSMOS APPROVED certificated
  • IECIC2021 Listed

Exhibition Guide

  • in-cosmetics ASIA 2022, Ichimaru Pharcos Stand P60

Learn more about "BabyColla" from Ichimaru Pharcos's website


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