Activating the foundation of hair follicles

Published: 28-Nov-2019

Burgeon-Up is a new nasturtiumderived ingredient from Ichimaru Pharcos designed to activate the hairs’ outer root sheaths, known as the foundation of hair follicles.

This activation is down to R-spondin1, a protein involved in the regeneration of organs and tissues, which is of increasing interest in the field of regenerative medicine.

When it comes to hair science, R-spondin1 activates the outer root sheath, which is important in making thick hairs that do not come out easily.

Burgeon-Up promotes the secretion of R-spondin1 while suppressing the secretion of hair loss factor DKK1.

In trials the ingredient has been found to elongate human hair follicle tissues, while a lotion containing 2% Burgeon-Up was added to the heads of male Indian test subjects, which showed an increase in hair growth rate, thickness and numbers.

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