Kylie Cosmetics teases fragrance debut

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 26-Feb-2024

A notepad with the date 7 March is pictured in an Instagram post teasing the perfume, along with design documents for the bottle itself

Kylie Jenner has teased the launch of her debut fragrance under Kylie Cosmetics.

The brand founder posted an Instagram carousel with the last image featuring her holding what appears to be a perfume sample.

A notepad with the date 7 March is pictured in the post, along with design documents for the bottle itself.

Jenner has previously launched a fragrance in collaboration with her sister Kim Kardashian, under the beauty mogul’s former perfume brand KKW Fragrance.

The image teasing the perfume has seen a mostly positive response from users, with one commenter writing: “Calendar marked for March 7th.”

Another said: “Kylie fragrance coming soon??”

Other users on Instagram were also quick to pick up on the unique design of the bottle.

“That bottle design looks like a rotten egg,” wrote one user.

“Is that a lemon or a potato?,” said another. 

One commenter wrote: “Those look like a fun drawing of a potato.

“It’s time for a fresh starch & we’re baked about it. It’s the tot that counts & we’re rooting for you.”

The documents detailing the bottle’s design also feature a mix of German and English text.

A table near the bottom of the document contains a list of dates and the German word 'Änderung', which translates to ‘changes’.

The earliest date on the table is 27 September 2022, potentially indicating when development may have begun on the perfume bottle’s design.

The word 'kunde', meaning customer in German, also features on the document next to the name Coty Spain S. L. U.

Kylie Cosmetics’ potential entry into the fragrance category comes after it launched its first foundation in January 2024. 

The Power Plush Longwear Foundation is the beauty brand’s first base product, with the brand claiming it delivers a “flawless airbrushed finish”.

“Our first-ever foundation,” Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram at the time.

“Our hydrating formula instantly blurs skin to leave you with a flawless airbrushed finish.”

Kylie Cosmetics was established in 2014 when influencer Jenner was 17 years old.

The brand is co-owned by beauty giant Coty, after it acquired a 51% stake in the make-up company in 2019 for US $600m. 

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