in-cosmetics 2009 - face the fear and do it anyway

Published: 30-Apr-2009

While Munich provided a picturesque location for in-cosmetics 2009 (21-23 April), expectations regarding visitor numbers were slightly pessimistic. But judging by their comments to SPC, many exhibitors were pleasantly surprised by the event

While Munich provided a picturesque location for in-cosmetics 2009 (21-23 April), expectations regarding visitor numbers were slightly pessimistic. But judging by their comments to SPC, many exhibitors were pleasantly surprised by the event.

As far as great centres of German C&T manufacturing go, Munich may not be high on the list. However, the pretty Bavarian city did provide a suitably attractive backdrop for the 19th edition of Europe’s primary cosmetics ingredients event.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, leaner times made for lighter footfall, with visitor numbers down 13% on the previous year to 4,519. However, all things considered, organiser Reed was very pleased that the visitor numbers were still high and that most of the major players were present.

There were some complaints about the Munich Trade Fair Centre’s two-hall system as visitors took time to trickle through into the second hall. But otherwise the location was generally praised as being spacious with a good supply of natural light.

“The two-hall situation is not ideal but the sunny weather has helped transit and footfall has been good. People just take a bit of time to get over to the second hall,” commented exhibition director, Richard Hesk. “I’m actually delighted. There’s a real positive buzz here and there are lots of happy smiling faces from exhibitors. Given the circumstances I’m really happy with the visitor numbers and from exhibitors I think there’s relief and optimism. The feedback from stands is that they’re having longer, more meaningful conversations so maybe they’re seeing senior people.”

In fact 50% of visitors were at a senior level, including company ceos, directors, presidents, owners, senior managers, department heads and heads of laboratories. Of the total, just 25% of visitors were German with a massive 75% international. An absence was however noted from the US, something that was attributed largely to travel bans [all figures are pending ABC audit].

“There’s a lot of fear out there and perhaps that’s why a lot of the big companies have not come here today.”

Mama Mio, Sian Sutherland, md

“We were surprised and a bit worried on the first morning but visitor traffic picked up enormously. The largest number of visitors seems to be from Germany and Eastern Europe but there appears to be no one from the US. Perhaps the fact that Supplier’s Day is so close has had an effect on US visitors.”

Cosmetochem, Jane Tiedtke, head of marketing

“You used to see people walking in packs from the different companies, but not so far. But that said companies these days are global so there is less of a need for people from the States to come over when it can be handled by Europe. This is not a statement on the show itself however but more a reflection of the global situation.”

Lipo Chemcials, Melissa Frischling, director, corporate communications and product support

“Compared to Amsterdam I think it’s busier, based on our contacts. It’s surprising. We’d assumed with the economy that it would be quiet.”

Struktol, Joseph J Wasko Jr, sales and marketing manager, personal care products

“We were super busy on the first day. For us it was one of thet best days ever at in-cosmetics.”

DSM, Michael Weller, vp personal care

“The stand has been busy and we are pleased with the level of traffic and enquiries. This is the cosmetics show for Europe and it’s relevant and important to be here. We’ve had a lot of interesting meetings but it’s really a question of what the discussions are about not about how many people we are speaking to.”

BASF, Ulrike Brandt, manager communications, care chemicals & formulators Europe

“It’s been really busy on our booth and we had a lot of advance appointments, but hall two does seem to be quite empty. I am not sure if two halls are the best thing for the show.”

Wacker Chemie, Nadine Baumgartl, trade and scientific media corporate communications

“It takes one or two hours for people to filter into the second hall unless they have planned and selected the companies they want to see.”

Flavex Naturextrakte, Karl-Werner Quirin, ceo

“This year’s show does seem to be a bit calmer than last year. I think a lot of companies have frozen their travel budgets this year but we have made appointments with all our key customers so we are happy so far.”

Dr Straetmans, Susanne Jänichen, operational marketing manager

“Many of the people here are from international companies and decision makers in many cases. The numbers are down but it is the quality that is important.”

Evonik Goldschmidt, Wolfgang Goertz, director global marketing personal care, consumer specialties

“Munich is very accessible and I like the venue. Perhaps there are less people per company, but all the companies I expect to see are here. We see many of our customers in France, but it’s good to get out and see other customers.”

Silab, Anne Paufique, communication manager

“We have found new distributors and welcomed business partners from all around the world. in-cosmetics is our big event of the year and Munich has not disappointed!”

CLR, John Lofthouse, sales & marketing director

“We’ve provisionally booked for 2010; there were only 12 unallocated stands. I think some exhibitors who booked stands for this show must have pulled out when it came to payment. That’s why there are quite a few seating areas, but I think it’s great that there are areas to sit when there are this many visitors.”

Neelikon, Alan Palmer, president, Neelikon’s European Branch Office

“The location is good and the show is well organised; it’s nice to reach and easy to leave. Wherever you have an international airport it’s easy. France has the largest number of cosmetics companies but with regards to transport, Paris is a mess.”

Sabinsa Europe, Wesley Suresh, vp, business development

“Last year was a bit busier. Maybe hall one has been more frequented; I think that in a single hall people tend to disperse more. Day two was a really good day – I think it was a success. Next year will be a big event. It’s the 20th anniversary and they are coming back to Paris. I think it’s a good decision.”

Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Tina Korinth, marketing manager

Next year in-cosmetics will be celebrating its 20th anniversary so the natural choice is to return to Paris to mark it (13-15 April 2010). Reed says all indications are positive, with bookings already very strong. Then it will be back to Milan for 2011 (29-31 March).

“Paris is the show’s homeland,” said Hesk. “It’s a great city, it’s easy to get to, it has a good formulator base and it offers serious networking.”

We’ll have a full report on in-cosmetics 2009 in the June issue of SPC, bringing you all the news from the show floor, seminars, innovation zone, in-focus and the trends presentations.

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