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We make beauty natural. Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of natural raw materials for the cosmetic and personal care industry

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High-quality botanical actives and extracts (Lipoid Kosmetik AG, Switzerland) as well as pharma-grade natural lecithins and phospholipids (Lipoid GmbH, Germany) are part of our sophisticated portfolio.

As a pioneer in these fields, Lipoid Kosmetik has gained an outstanding reputation in the global cosmetic industry over the last 50 years. This long-standing expertise, in combination with the exceptional quality of our portfolio, enables our customers to develop innovative, functional and natural cosmetic products meeting the highest standards.

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Quality and Reliability

  • Your global partner for a broad range of high-quality actives, extracts and phospholipids
  • Botanicals are manufactured in Switzerland and phospholipids in Germany
  • Long-term vision and strategy allowing consistency and innovation as key values
  • Quality, reliability and inspiration is the focus from product development to customer support

Naturalness and Sustainability

  • Organic, natural and sustainable ingredients are our core competence
  • Rated in the Top 1% of suppliers for Corporate Social Responsibility by EcoVadis
  • EcoVadis Platinum medal and Sustainability Leadership Award
  • Comprehensive documentation of products and supply chains and superior regulatory support

Botanical Expertise, Technology and Innovation

  • We transform nature’s success stories into cosmetic concepts
  • Environment-friendly, full-spectrum mild extraction to obtain value-giving constituents
  • Profound phytochemical competence and precise clinical data for claim substantiation
  • Customer-, market- and trend-driven product development

Latest Product Launches:

Lipoid Kosmetik Immortelle Oil Pro - Immortelle Oil Pro is an oil-based, COSMOS-certified substantiated extract for body care applications targeting even and firm skin. The lipophilic components support skin matrix strengthening and elasticity, leading to an improved appearance of stretch marks and skin firmness. It is the ideal addition for precious body care promoting a refined body silhouette with even and firm skin.

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Lipoid Kosmetik Amaretine® - Amaretine® is the first COSMOS-approved active ingredient combining a bitter and sweet component embedded in a liposomal carrier system that synergistically targets all aspects of sensitive skin. The bitter component, andrographolide, activates an entirely novel pathway by binding bitter receptors in the skin leading to skin barrier regeneration. The sweet component, glycyrrhetinic acid, is well-known to combat inflammation.

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Lipoid Kosmetik Mountain Tea Pro - Mountain Tea Pro is a 100 % natural, COSMOS-certified extract based on organic Greek mountain tea herbs, which is fully traceable to the farmer. Besides an ethical source, Mountain Tea Pro is an efficacy-proven extract belonging to the Herbasol® Pro line that provides caffeine-free beauty sleep support by protecting against oxidative stress and supporting skin recovery overnight. It is the ideal companion for a de-stressing night-time beauty ritual that combines tea-inspired protection with skin regeneration and recovery.

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Lipoid Kosmetik PhytoCollagen - PhytoCollagen is an all-natural, COSMOS-certified, plant-based alternative to animal collagen with similar cosmetic benefits. The powerful anti-aging and moisturizing properties in combination with the vegan and sustainable source make it the perfect collagen alternative for the modern, conscious cosmetic consumer.

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Lipoid Kosmetik Herbamilk® Eco - The Herbamilk® Eco product line is a COSMOS-approved, 100 % natural, plant-based, vegan alternative to classical milk products in cosmetics. It combines natural plant oils and natural plant extracts with the help of hydrogenated phospholipids. With moisturizing, re-fattening and emollient properties Herbamilk® Eco is the perfect ingredient to create milk-based concepts and attend the vegan and health-conscious trend in cosmetics.

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Lipoid Kosmetik Water Lily Pro - Water Lily Pro is a natural, COSMOS-approved substantiated extract from water lily roots. The underwater root systems of water lilies produce a unique set of phytochemicals. Cleansing saponins, anti-oxidative flavonoids, and keratin-enforcing tannins are an ideal combination, perfectly suited for the daily hair care routine. Water Lily Pro is a powerful ingredient for hair care applications such as protection in an urban environment, taming of frizzy hair and volume optimization.

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