FLAVEX Naturextrakte

FLAVEX specialises in the gentle production of lipophilic plant extracts by extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide as a natural solvent. The clean and environmentally friendly extraction technology preserves the entire spectrum of sensitive top notes and bioactive substances of herbs and spices, e.g. antioxidants, natural flavours, essential oils and special fatty oils

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FLAVEX was founded in 1986 by the owners of the company Dr. Quirin and Dr. Gerard. Since then, the company has continuously grown and has established itself very successfully on the international market.

The core competence of the middle-sized company is the gentle production of sensitive plant-based ingredients by extraction with the supercritical carbon dioxide. All products are developed, produced and certified at the company’s site in Rehlingen-Siersburg/Germany near the borders of France and the Benelux countries.

Benefit from the high quality of CO2 extracts

CO2 extracts are are versatile and safe ingredients for natural cosmetics. They are 100% natural, highly concentrated and already have a good efficacy at a low dosage.

The drug/extract ratio is outstanding. Cosmetic products can profit from a high content of bioactive and nourishing components. CO2 extracts are sterile and do not need any preservation. FLAVEX offers a wide range of vegan, organic, halal and kosher certified CO2 extracts. Many of them are COSMOS certified or COSMOS approved.

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FLAVEX Naturextrakte


FLAVEX follows high quality standards. You can find our certificates here.

Sustainable raw material sourcing

Our cultivation projects are a basis for high quality raw materials. Find out more about our cultivation projects here.

Product highlights

Seabuckthorn extracts are highly appreciated in traditional medicine and in for cosmetics because of their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and skin regenerating effects.

FLAVEX offers different CO2 extracts from whole fruit, fruit pulp or seeds that are rich in valuable sterols and various polyunsaturated fatty acids. In particular, seabuckthorn pulp is a unique source of the rare palmitoleic acid, a valuable omega-7 fatty acid, which is also found in skin lipids.

Chamomile CO2 extracts are highly appreciated for cosmetics due to their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and antimicrobial effects and pleasant fragrance. Constant monitoring of the anthecotulide content ensures the safety of use in baby care or care products for sensitive skin.

Millet seed CO2 extract contains around 1.5% of the valuable phytosterol miliacin as well as omega-6 fatty acids and other sterols. Miliacin is a secondary plant ingredient that can promote cell metabolism, skin health and hair growth.

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