Ichimaru Pharcos introduces Adeplump

Published: 12-Apr-2022

The new cosmetic ingredient increases skin volume by targeting adipocytes

Plump-up/Volume-care is a growing market but current approaches such as fat and hyaluronic acid injections, even though popular, are invasive and surgical in nature. With this, Ichimaru Pharcos researched and selected from hundreds of raw materials, the extract of arnica flower as the new approach to a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. Our Arnica Montana Flower Extract ‘Adeplump’ increases the size of the adipocytes by accelerating both growth and differentiation of preadipocyte even at a very low concentration of 0.1%. We further examined 14 species of flowers belonging to the Asteraceae family, but they did not act on both. Even 1% treatment of Adeplump for only 4-weeks leads significant volume-up of face, lips, breasts and provides beautiful skin-plumping to them. The plumped skin by Adeplump presents not only increase of skin elasticity and wrinkle-decreasing of smile line, but also improvement of skin brightness.

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