Four-leaf clover brings smile and happiness

Published: 11-Nov-2021

The raw material for HappiClov is the special clover which has four leaves or more

Four-leaf clover is a symbol of happiness all over the world. It is said to have become a symbol of good luck due to its rarity. Usually, clover has three leaves, but the raw material for HappiClov is the special clover which has four leaves or more.

Such a special clover is found in Tahara City in Japan and is currently being used as an item for a local vitalization project. The name of the project is “HAPPY FOUR-LEAF CLOVER PROJECT” which creates new tourism resources, and supports employment for the people with disabilities.

Ichimaru Pharcos has also participated in this project and developed the four-leaf clover extract, HappiClov.

HappiClov has contributed to the SDGs through:

  • Use of by-products that cannot be used in final products
  • Extracted from safe and secure raw materials
  • Preservation of local plant originality

HappiClov increases the elastin production which is associated with skin elasticity and sagging. As a result, applying HappiClov to the skin raised the corners of the mouth and lift-up the cheeks.

HappiClov brings smiles to people around the world.

Effects of HappiClov:

  • Improving the production of elastin
  • Improving the production of DANCE(Fibulin-5)
  • Raising up the corner of the mouth
  • Raising up the cheek


  • COSMOS APPROVED certificated
  • IECIC2021 Listed

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