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Caring for people, communities and the planet has always been the driving force behind Provital. We are a customer-oriented company with a clear international outlook, focused on delivering solutions to the cosmetics industry and end customers alike, by combining nature and science to capture the essence of the Earth in our high-quality cosmetic ingredients while respecting the environment.


We believe that taking care is taking action.
We take care when we act. A caress, a smile, a simple gesture of kindness, the blooming of a flower.
Any small change for a better living. Taking care is the force that moves us forward.
It is also our commitment to people, communities and our planet. We care and take action for them.
We care by combining nature and science to capture the essence of the Earth on our high-quality products.
We care by partnering with our clients and co-creating with them to meet their needs.
We care by anticipating trends to create the latest formulations, working with agility and effectiveness.
We care by inspiring our clients and motivating our teams to keep growing together.
And because we take care, we create natural ingredients that spread positive emotions and allow every person to find their own way to express their beauty.
Do Care.

Latest launches

Sculpup™ 71280 amplifying the contours of authentic beauty.

Push-up and volume effect of bust and buttocks with smart proadipogenic blackberry.


  • Rubus fruticosus


  • Firmness & volume
  • Address men and women who want to enhance their body contours and are looking for a bust & buttocks lifting and filling effect in key moments in life such as post-pregnancy, post-breastfeeding, menopause, post-diet, post-weight loss or to counteract the effects of a lack of exercise.
  • Modulates significantly half the genes that change during adipogenesis, 3,500 in total. Pro-adipogenic activity demonstrated with transcriptomics.
  • Up to one extra bust cup size and up to 3 cms buttocks circumference. Caucasian and Brazilian panel.


  • Body sculpture/Body volumisers/Firming


  • Certified Organic Blackberry
  • Active ingredient COSMOS certified
  • 100% natural origin (ISO 16128)
  • Vegan compliant
  • Preservative-free


  • Smart proadipogenic activity.
  • Enhances bust and buttocks contours with no fibrosis.
  • Patent pending.

Pomarage™ (72920)

A well-aging active resulting from the upcycling of by-products from apple processing in local industry.


  • Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract


  • A well-aging ingredient resulting from an agro-cosmetics symbiosis between Provital and a local supplier (Mooma®) to upcycple the apple waste into a qualitative active.
  • Thanks to its polyphenol-rich raw material, the health-giving properties of apples are also reflected in the improvement of the skin's extracellular matrix and the re-densification of the dermis.
  • Active’s action based on the endogenic production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, as well as on the reduction of inflammatory and cellular senescence processes.


  • One step further on the journey towards circular beauty.
  • Cosmos approved
  • 100% Natural Origin (ISO16128)
  • Traceable sourcing
  • Locally sourced (Km-0)
  • Vegan Compliance
  • Preservative-free.

Ethicskin (71150)

A multifunctional active developed and produced around an internationally recognized ethical initiative in Querétaro, Mexico.


  • Heterotheca Inuloides Flower Extract

The project

  • A step forward towards a just world and a sustainable future
  • A collaboration with Mujeres y Ambiente, an association of local farmers and entities in Mexico that was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Awarded with the Equator Prize 2020 - which qualified the project as “an example of successful biodiversity conservation through the sustainable use of genetic resources”
  • With this ingredient, Provital was the first cosmetic supplier to get an IRCC (Internationally Recognized Certificate of Compliance) under the Nagoya Protocol, providing a guarantee of its fair approach to ingredient sourcing.

The active

  • Ethicskin effectively regulates the gene expression of multiple mechanisms inducing the self-improvement of the skin
  • Tested in a mixed and multi-ethnical panel, Ethicskin significantly improves many skin features related to skin health, generating a preventive and inclusive path to skin well-ageing.


  • Cosmos approved
  • 100% Natural Origin (ISO16128)
  • Traceable sourcing
  • Fair and equitable sharing of benefits (ABS)
  • Vegan compliance.



  • Gluconolactone
  • Mel
  • Lactobionic acid


  • The all-round hydroxy acid for progressive exfoliation
  • A renewal that is kind to the skin and the planet
  • Full of sweet promise, enhanced with award-winning and locally produced honey
  • The most inclusive alternative to glycolic acid
  • Same keratolytic effect as alpha hydroxy acid with no irritation
  • Strengths the epidermis, hydrates and prevents ageing


  • COSMOS compliance
  • 100% natural origin (ISO 16128)
  • Locally produced
  • Halal Certificate



  • Humulus lupulus extract


  • Activates the sensory bitter taste receptors that calm the skin
  • Improves the quality of life of reactive skin
  • Makes reactive skin more resistant to inflammation
  • Optimises anti-dermatitis microbiota
  • Prevents the vicious cycle of dermatitis and superinfection
  • Reduces inflammatory sequelae


  • Organic, traceable, ethically-sourced, km 0
  • COSMOS certified
  • Conservatives free


  • Gluconolactone
  • Mel
  • Lactobionic acid


Beauty is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to beauty.


  • Cucurbitaceae


  • Well-ageing
  • Balances the epigenetics of mature skin and restores radiance
  • Combats tech neck syndrome
  • Harmonizes emotional capital for natural beauty
  • Impacts on emotional wellbeing. Demonstrated using Artificial Intelligence.


A healthy scalp for a healthy hair.


  • Phyllanthus emblica


  • Acts on scalp aging signs before they appear
  • Prevents follicle miniaturisation and weakening
  • Gives hair more shine.
  • Rebalances scalp and leaves the hair feeling full of vitality
  • Strengthens weak hair.


Beyond hydration.


  • Lithothamnium calcareum
  • Oryza sativa.


  • Seboregulating
  • 120 hours of moisturizing power
  • Helps in the recovery of damaged skin
  • Reinforces the barrier function
  • Preserves water content
  • Responsible sourcing.


Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.


  • Astragalus Membranaceus
  • Codonopsis pilosula.


  • Body sculpture
  • Visible improvement after only 28 days
  • Helps in the recovery of damaged skin
  • Combines two plants used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve Qi, “the vital flow of energy”
  • Not only reduces the appearance of stretch marks but also improves skin condition.


Detoskin; Nelupure;