Sealrose - Unlock the secret to a stunning and irresistible hair

Published: 24-May-2024

Provital launches a new hair care active ingredient that has immense potential to resonate with consumers, as it directly offers a solution that prioritises hair health and addresses damage

It meets the needs and preferences of today's discerning consumers by providing a product that not only delivers visible results but also aligns with their priorities and concerns.

Their new natural active ingredient, Sealrose™, has emerged from a deep collaboration with Serra La Vall, a small company founded by a father and his son who had dedicated their entire lives to the construction industry until the economic crisis hit. Confronted with adversity, they strategically redirected their focus toward agriculture. After a decade of perseverance and adaptation, in 2018, they successfully cultivated and commercialised saffron and rosehip.

This innovative product is obtained from the seedless pulp of the Rosa canina fruit, a well-known plant recognised as a superfood for its numerous benefits, in Cosmos-compliant oleic sunflower oil. 100% of natural origin (ISO 16128), Halal certified, COSMOS and Vegan compliant, this active ingredient combines nature and beauty to enhance the condition of healthy hair, improving its overall visual appearance.

Its reparative action effectively recovers a 72% of the lipid layer of the hair cuticle by increasing its hydrophobicity in just one application, thereby returning it to the lipidic levels of healthy hair. The effect of Sealrose™ persists even after rinse-off, with a 65% of recovery. Beyond its ability to restore the lipid layer, Sealrose™ also revitalises sensory attributes, resulting in softer, hydrated, and more manageable hair. It can be incorporated into hair repair solutions to address damage to the hair cuticle caused by external factors.

This new hair care solution serves as a valuable opportunity for Provital, positioning their product as a trusted and sought-after solution in the competitive landscape of hair care.

Discover more about Sealrose™ here.

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