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We are a global specialty ingredient supplier to the beauty and personal care industry, dedicated to meeting evolving consumer needs, along with maintaining our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Known by our well-recognised brands, Alban Muller, Croda, Crodarom, Iberchem, Parfex and Sederma, we synergistically combine to offer a complete and total solution for manufacturers of products for beauty and personal care


Established in 1925, Croda is the name behind sustainable, high performance ingredients and technologies in some of the world’s most successful brands: creating, making and selling speciality chemicals that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere.

Croda is a FTSE100 company with over 4,500 passionate and innovative employees, working across manufacturing sites and offices around the world with a shared purpose to use Smart science to improve lives™.

As part of this purpose, we have made a bold Commitment to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030. By being the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients, we will provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges while helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Find out more about sustainability at Croda here.

Our brands

Always a step ahead when it comes to personal care innovation, Croda is recognised for creative solutions and ingredients to meet the demands of today's consumers and the future trends in the cosmetics and beauty market.

Our brands, Alban Muller, Croda, Crodarom, Iberchem, Parfex and Sederma, continuously invest in research and development with a constant focus on the changes that are happening in consumer routines and behaviours to remain market relevant.


Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of the Croda business, and this is reflected in all our personal care products and formulations. Over our history, and especially the last decade, our skin, sun, colour and hair care technologists have been thought leaders, creating unique and patented technologies, in both functional and effect ingredients, designed to answer personal care trends. Our formulation and technology expertise allows us to be more than just a sustainable personal care ingredient supplier to our partners.


Sederma is a world leader in the field of bioactive ingredients intended for the cosmetic industry. Over the last 50 years, they have developed a unique range of active ingredients with substantiated efficacy for skin care (anti-ageing, moisturising, sebum control, etc.) as well as hair care, colour cosmetics and body care.


As the botanical extraction specialist of the Croda group for more than 40 years, Crodarom’s production capabilities and various eco-designed plant extraction technologies allow us to extract the best of the plant and supply a large catalogue of ingredients that answer current market needs.

Our range of botanical extracts for the personal care and beauty industry continuously evolve according to latest trends and customer specific requests, staying close to consumer’s needs.


Alban Muller is known worldwide as an expert in natural ingredients and cosmetic products thanks to its unique know-how, expertise in extracting and manufacturing high-performing plant extracts, as well as creating eco-friendly turnkey cosmetic products.

Alban Muller develops 100% natural, high-quality plant extracts according to its eco-responsible strategy at every stage of the manufacturing process. From ecological production to resource and waste management, Alban Muller’s unique process respects both people and the environment.

Alban Muller is an active member of the French Cosmetic Valley as an investor in collaborative research projects, including the charter for more eco-responsible cosmetics.


Iberchem is a global fragrance company with over 30 years of experience in creating fragrances for brands worldwide. Our teams stay abreast of the latest olfactory and technological trends, allowing us to continually broaden our palette of refined creations. Close proximity to our clients lets us anticipate their needs, while our commitment to staying cost-effective gives us the lead in offering quality fragrances at the fairest price.


Parfex is a French fragrance house established in Grasse, South of France, in 1985 and has been part of the Croda fragrance division along with Iberchem Group since June 2021. Parfex specialises in the creation of fragrances for cosmetics and personal care, fine perfumery markets and home care products and supply renowned brands and sell our fragrances over 50 countries through a broad network of worldwide partners.

Ingredient Application Areas

Our newest launches


ChromaPur™ CV2 and CV7


These high quality 100% natural, vegan cellulose powders are developed from a patented technology and offer a sustainable and functional alternative to plastic micro-beads. They provide a healthy appearance from various cosmetic applications, including delivering a blurring effect on the skin and a luxurious appearance from make-up products. 

Nutrinvent Balance


Nutrinvent Balance employs novel encapsulation technology to provide the targeted delivery and controlled release of actives onto the scalp and hair, to deliver instant improvements in scalp oiliness.

ECO range


The 100% bio-based ECO Range is the widest range of 100% renewable surfactants on the market. By using an alternate route to EO with bioethanol from biomass sources, it significantly increases the bio-based content of ethoxylated products and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Moreover, the ingredients are manufactured with renewable energy, yet their performance is identical to petro-based options.

Solaveil™ MicNo®


Combining all the benefits of micron-sized Zinc Oxide (ZnO) with unrivalled transparency on the skin, the Solaveil MicNo range provides formulators with the best of both worlds. This innovative range is based on patented, platelet-shaped structures that the particles are large enough to be suitable for natural formulations, whilst also being transparent on the skin.

KeraMatch™ V


KeraMatch V is a protein blend derived from plant sources that has been specifically designed to offer a viable alternative to animal-derived keratin. It replicates the performance and functional benefits provided by animal-derived keratin, to improve the overall quality of damaged and fragile hair.




ReVitAlide™ is a water soluble capsule carrying 3 % active retinol with enhanced stability and improved bioavailability. This IECIC compliant ingredient is also a sustainable ingredient: 95.5 % natural origin content, 100 % readily biodegradable in 28 days, RSPO approved, room temperature storage.



BB-Biont™ is a biomimetic peptide and a gentle alternative to aesthetic medicine allowing to smooth the appearance of pockmarks.

Matrixyl® range

Matrixyl® is a range of active ingredients that mirror the natural process of skin regeneration. These biomimetic peptides stimulate the production of skin components like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, resulting in scientifically proven anti-ageing effects.



This biomimetic peptide supports the progressive restoration of the original hair pigmentation with a remnant effect, while protecting it from oxidative damage. Its efficacy has been proven in vitro and through 4 independent clinical studies.



Fights against skin sagging. Feminage™ offers skin elasticity and firming benefits, helping reduce jowl sagging, droopy eyelids, crow’s feet wrinkles and marionette lines of menopausal women.

Crodarom and Alban Muller



Zanthocare™ is a multifunctional ingredient providing proven balancing, protecting and soothing effects. It is a perfect ingredient for body care, due to its effects on various factors: reduction of bad body odour, protection against early ageing of the skin, reduction of inflammatory reactions, while respecting the skin microbiome.

Cosme-Phytami Cucumber EC


Sourced in France, this cucumber extract is the ideal ally of the cryo-beauty trend and is dedicated to dehydrated skins searching for radiant effect.

Glucohyami™ GL


Ingredient of the beauty snacking rituals, Glucohyami GL boosts hyaluronic acid synthesis, hence it's ideal for morning routine or night care.

Crodarom® Beech


The bark of the beech tree has astringent, antiseptic and tonic properties. It was especially used to treat itching and other skin irritations.

Crodarom® Cider Vinegar EC


A recognised grandmothers remedy, dedicated to unbalanced skin prone to seborrheic or acne, and greasy hair with dandruff, made from French cider vinegar.


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