Pibiplast is the leading Italian developer of plastic packaging for skincare and make-up, with strong expertise in mascara brush manufacturing. Since 1954, Pibiplast has been adding shape and value to beauty by designing and manufacturing innovative, versatile and sustainable solutions combining performance, attention to detail, with respect for people and environment

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Pibiplast aims to consistently provide a strong value proposition in the cosmetic industry by developing high-value plastic packaging that is innovative and environmentally responsible.

The company’s medium size lends to both flexibility, a key skill in today’s dynamic beauty market, and the ability to develop packaging that can reflect the brand image and offer great user experience.


Pibiplast offers a comprehensive product portfolio for makeup and skincare, and excellent in-house know-how, particularly in decoration technologies and application systems.

Pibiplast’s unique market position is based on the combination of a large variety of stock items, strong capabilities and a legacy in custom made solutions.

The company pursues a strategy of fully integrated technologies and know-how. This allows us to improve customer service both in timing and quality of the finished product. Pibiplast is fully integrated in brush production and decoration techniques such as screen printing, hot stamping, offset, UV painting and metallisation all under one roof.


To compliment our expertise in application systems, the company offers a catalog of over six hundred applicator models to guarantee the best synergy between formulation and applicator and achieve outstanding results.



PIBI Lab is a collaborative space entirely dedicated to innovation, where the company collects and studies new trends in the sector and anticipates market and consumer demand. The innovation process is based on a new approach, focusing on end consumers’ needs and on rapid prototyping. This incubator of ideas develops:

  • Innovative concepts and products
  • Trend-driven collections
  • Synergies with fillers



Pibiplast has been a pioneer in sustainability since the 90s, by gradually abandoning conventional plastics and replacing them with recyclable materials with a lower environmental impact, such as PET. This dynamic continues with the recent introduction of more sustainable materials such as bioplastics and recycled plastics. The achievements are the result of continuous scouting of solutions in the market, the creation of synergy with raw materials suppliers and rigorous testing. This approach has led Pibiplast to a position of leadership in the sector.

In addition to the scouting from a sourcing perspective, the company is heavily investing in the development of new solutions, to make its product portfolio more and more sustainable (for example, with the development of single-material solutions), and exploring new solutions for extending the product life cycle (e.g. with refills).

The challenge is particularly complex in make-up, where packaging is often multi-component and multi-material, and therefore not suitable for recycling. As a pioneer in mascara packaging solutions, Pibiplast recently launched a 2-pieces mascara, without giving up performances, to minimize the impact on the planet and a mono-material mascara in rPET with eco-friendly applicator as well.


Contact details

Global HQ for skincare and makeup

Via della Costituzione, 19

42015 Correggio (RE)

Center of excellence for makeup

Via delle Rovedine, 11

23899 Robbiate (LC)

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  • PCD Paris
  • Cosmoprof Bologna
  • MakeUp in Paris
  • MakeUp in New York
  • Luxe Pack Monaco

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