St. Tropez tackles fake tan shaming with new campaign

By Becky Bargh | Published: 9-Apr-2019

A national survey carried out by the brand revealed 1 in 3 women are shamed in the UK for fake tanning

Beauty brand St. Tropez is tackling fake tan shaming in the UK with a new campaign.

In a national survey the self tan brand revealed one in three females are shamed for fake tanning, while 44% admit to judging women for wearing tanning products and over half a million women have experienced negative comments online for using fake tan.

It also found 70% of women admitted that a badly applied self tan is the number one reason why they judge another’s appearance.

In response to the findings, St. Tropez is addressing these stigmas with a motivational campaign, You Set the Tone.

This aims to empower women to feel more confident when wearing fake tan.

St. Tropez’s Global Marketing & Product Development Director, Jacqueline Burchell, said: “Results from our research lead us to create a campaign which addresses some of the issues associated with tanning head-on, while being uplifting and celebrating confidence and individuality.”

Commenting on the results, philanthropist and charity founder, Katie Piper added: “The survey findings show that us that women need to be supporting and celebrating of each other and find ways to improve our self-esteem and, ultimately, our mental wellbeing.”

Despite the stigma, St. Toprez also revealed 42% of UK women wear fake tan to feel more confident and look well.

Poised to launch tomorrow, the campaign will run throughout the spring and summer across St. Tropez's digital and social platforms.

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