Society of Cosmetic Scientists creates lockdown DIY beauty video with Sam Farmer

Published: 29-Apr-2020

The 3min video shows the founder of the Sam Farmer personal care brand creating a bath bomb from scratch at home

The Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) has released a video to help educate and entertain adults and children who are on lockdown at home due to the coronavirus.

The Scrub Up On Science video stars Sam Farmer, the founder of the eponymously-named personal care brand for young adults.

From his kitchen at home, Farmer demonstrates how to make bath bombs using bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and rapeseed oil. He also adds fresh herbs including lavender and mint.

Farmer creates a bath bomb in four steps, which includes moulding the homemade product in an egg cup or other everyday container such as an ice cube tray.

Scrub Up On Science is the SCS’ educational website that provides free chemistry resources to UK secondary schools.

On 31 March, it announced it had cancelled its 2020 Scrub Up On Science competition due to the coronavirus.

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