The skin microorganism facts every beauty brand needs to know

Published: 21-Mar-2024

An abridged version of Maya Kansagra's prize-winning essay from 2023's SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science course

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Microorganisms are minute living organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The diversity of microorganisms is enormous and they play a large role in many different industries. They are essential for our existence by producing the oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulphur available for life on Earth.

Every human body contains ten times as many microorganisms as it does cells and these microbes have a wide array of functions from aiding digestion to vitamin K production, to detoxification of harmful chemicals and many more.

Microorganisms play an important role in the cosmetic industry. Fundamental microbial activities can cause spoilage of cosmetic products and toiletries. Therefore, understanding microorganisms, how they function and how to identify and classify them is vital to microbial control in the assurance of product quality and safety.

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