Who's offering custom cosmetic ingredients?


From specially-extracted botanicals to designer delivery systems, cosmetic ingredients suppliers are increasingly working with clients to provide tailor-made materials

Who's offering custom cosmetic ingredients?

Many cosmetic ingredient manufacturers have developed proprietary processes for the extraction of cosmetic actives from botanicals, or for using chemistry to create a synthetic material or a delivery system with special properties.

These technologies lie behind the plethora of ingredients offered to the cosmetics industry in general.

But occasionally manufacturers will produce a tailor-made ingredient for exclusive use by a client. These are some of the processes offered to produce such unique materials.

Botanical extracts are an area where clients often demand a certain plant, the source's sustainability or the method of extraction involved

Botanical exclusives

'Tailor-made' can involve a simple substitution of a preservative in an aqueous extract, or sourcing and using an ingredient that meets with COSMOS approval as a substitute for one to which the client has an objection.

Botanical extracts are...

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