Vantage wins 2024 C&T Allē Award for JEESPERSE NoLo range of self-emulsifying bases for waterless hair care applications

Published: 11-Mar-2024

C&T Allē Award recognises behind-the-scenes ingenuity in research & development for beauty and personal care applications

Vantage, a global supplier of naturally derived specialty ingredients, formulation components and expertise, was crowned a winner at the 2024 Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) Allē Awards for its JEESPERSE® NoLo range of self-emulsifying bases for waterless hair care applications. The awards spotlight ingenuity in research & development for the cosmetics and personal care industry.

“Our JEESPERSE NoLo range is designed for personal care formulators looking to reduce the number of ingredients they source and for manufacturers wanting to lower their energy use”

Said Beto Pino, Vice President Technical Marketing & Innovation, Personal Care. “Thanks to the product range’s self-emulsification properties, our R&D team can easily develop customisable, water-free formulations that meet customer demand for convenient product formats with a better sustainability profile.”

Launched in 2023, JEESPERSE NoLo self-emulsifying bases can be used in hair, face and body care applications. The range includes two powder products, JEESPERSE NoLo N1 and JEESPERSE NoLo C2, that are optimised for quick wetting, easy dispersion and the creation of stable emulsions, even when using cold- and low-energy processes like low shear mixing. They also contain conditioning ingredients that contribute to the efficacy of the hydrated formulation.

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