The refill pouch revolution: Are pouches your brand's next step in sustainable beauty?

By Austyn King 16-Jun-2022

Brands are adopting refill pouches as a sustainable alternative to repeat purchases, so what are the options?

Across the beauty industry, a refill revolution is taking place. With sustainability at the forefront of public consciousness, every major beauty player has pledged their commitment to offering more planet-friendly products.

While the likes of Beauty Kitchen were early adopters in encouraging consumers to return their beauty empties to be refilled, rather than throwing them away, beauty heavyweights such as L’Oréal and Unilever have since gotten on board.

Consumers can now visit in-store refill stations to replenish their shampoo and shower gel, but also fast gaining traction are refillable pouches of product for users to top up their supply, saving on both cost and carbon footprint.

“There’s a growing interest from the consumer point of view when it comes to beauty refills as ...

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