Overflowing with innovation: The renaissance of perfume fountains

By Austyn King | Published: 12-Sep-2022

Perfume fountains have a rich heritage among society’s wealthiest, but today’s players are taking the tradition to more sustainable and inclusive heights

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Luxury, as defined by The Oxford English Dictionary, is “a state of great comfort or elegance”, and fragrance has long been a core component of this.

Throughout history, nobility have enjoyed enveloping themselves in the sweetest scents with no expense spared. Among the ancient Romans, the most affluent classes frequented public baths with rose-scented perfumed water.

By the 18th century, perfume fountains became a fixture in stately homes, scenting their extravagant interiors, as well as allowing guests to fill up their crystal bottles.

Refillable fragrances – compared with other cosmetics sectors, which have relatively recently begun to gain traction – is far from a recent development.

However, in the wider beauty world, this practice gradually slowed to a trickle, with fragrance brands only recently returning to their roots or embracing the practice for the first time.

But with changing consumer needs and higher demand for eco-conscious fragrances, the sector presents a wealth of opportunities for growth.

In the UK, 8.7% of fragrance launches in 2021 were refillable, almost

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