The power of one: Why monodose beauty packaging is taking off

By Sonia Sharma 6-Feb-2018

Monodose packaging has steadily been increasing in popularity within the industry. Sonia Sharma finds out how brands are tapping into the market demand for this format

Monodose packaging for cosmetic and personal care products has seen stable growth as key drivers, such as try-before-you-buy schemes, sampling, travel sizes and anhydrous formulas, encourage consumers to experiment and deviate from their usual routines without having to commit to a substantially larger amount of product.

The lower cost, increased convenience and easier-to-transport single-dose formats have been gaining traction in the beauty retail space for many products including face masks, hair treatments, moisturisers and fragrances.

Previously, such packs were used for sampling purposes. However, the single-dose design has transformed to become an ambassador for the brand it is representing.

Once used on a trial basis, the aim is that it should be able to convince the consumer to invest more time and loyalty into the brand through repeat purchases and/or buying the full size.

Brand activity

Aside from being convenient, sustainable and easy-to-use, monodose packaging formats also have the advantage of ...

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