The new paradigm to ride the indie beauty wave?

Published: 3-Apr-2020

Intrinsically Sustainable Luxury Skincare by Liolà Cosmetics

Liolà Cosmetics is a young, dynamic Italian and mainly female indie luxury skincare brand, focused on the development of highly effective, healthy and clean formulations mixing the best natural ingredients with state-of-the-art biotechnologies.

Born to challenge the established rules of the top segment of the industry, the company has forged the new paradigm of Intrinsically Sustainable Luxury Skincare, based on a refreshing mix of simplicity, transparency and obsession for natural ingredients and tangible, absolute quality.

The philosophy supporting the paradigm is simple: the skin knows well what to do, always, and all that it needs is just to be helped to remember that. All products by Liolà do that by stimulating the reparative processes of the dermis with unique, minimal formulations featuring only the best of what’s good.

The pillars of Intrinsically Sustainable Luxury Skincare

Less is more. All their products feature minimal formulations aimed at maximizing performance and safety.

Full transparency. Only healthy and effective ingredients are allowed in the products, the best marketing claim of which is their superb INCI, that is proudly shouted.

Naturally effective. Nature and innovative biotechnology are the sources of the active principles that ensure the superior performances of the brand. They do not use synthetic surfactants, parabens, silicones, mineral oils.

Intrinsic quality. Every single attribute of their products is defined with the highest qualitative standards in mind, to deliver an experience of true, tangible luxury: from the careful selection and sourcing of ingredients, to the design and the materials of the packaging.

Sustainable blueprint. In anything they do, they pursue sustainability for the environment, for their customers’ skin and wallet, and for those who work at any stage of the value chain.

A rapidly growing product range

Liolà Cosmetics product range consists of four lines and, less than one year after they started up, their flagship product has been nominated finalist of the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 taking place in May.

Time Control

The new paradigm to ride the indie beauty wave?

An exclusive line featuring bio-peptides that train the skin to fight the signs of aging, to tone and to elasticize, Time Control is the flagship of the brand, fully reflecting its philosophy and paradigm.

Free of PEG, parabens, silicones and mineral oils, this line consists of four products for body and face.

Black Diamond

The new paradigm to ride the indie beauty wave?

Their top line, composed of different types of face serums and eye contours, among which the anti-aging, energising and revitalising Q10 serum, containing a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, improves the effect of vitamin E and delays oxidation.


The new paradigm to ride the indie beauty wave?

Formulated to maximise comfort and performance of athletes, this line consists of a face and a body cream that do not affect sweating, help the recovery of the dermis after intensive sport sessions and contain sunscreen protection factors.


The new paradigm to ride the indie beauty wave?

Designed for all skin types and daily use, up to 99.8% natural and appreciated also by luxury spas, this line covers both face and body care with six products, among which a sanitising gel enriched with natural essential oils.

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