The beauty industry needs to have an honest conversation on its palm oil use

By Alessandro Carrara 18-May-2023

Cosmetics Business looks at the latest developments in the palm oil industry and why an open dialogue about its use is more important than ever

Around 66 million tonnes of palm oil is produced annually

Around 66 million tonnes of palm oil is produced annually

Palm oil continues to be one of the most versatile yet controversial ingredients used by the beauty industry.

The ingredient is present in over 70% of cosmetic products, but many beauty brands today would likely prefer their consumers not know they’re using the oil – even if it is sustainably sourced and certified.  

It is an understandable response, given increased consumer awareness of the climate change crisis and the desire for ethical beauty products.

Some businesses will even go as far as to specifically promote products as being palm oil-free, but this can result in unclear messaging around the powerhouse ingredient....

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